Stranger Things 4 | Eleven, are you listening? | Netflix

6 тра 2021
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  • 7 is the villain 🤯🤯🤯

    alex espinozaalex espinozaГодину тому
  • This seems interesting, but I'm still cautious with my optimism, since Season 3 was so bad. Additionally this show has done bad job introducing new powered people in the past (I'm looking at your Dark Sister), so I am watching with great trepidation.

    Adit ChitaleAdit ChitaleГодину тому
  • I’ll only watch if the producer dude who plays the sheriff promises to go on another psychotic tirade at the awards ceremony and virtue signal over everyone else to hide his own blatant racism.

    P SP SГодину тому
  • I thought the 11 door was the monster logo at first.

    SanperSanperГодину тому
  • And yet they're cancelling Altered Carbon. And The OA. And cancelled Sense 8. And -

    Aya A.Aya A.Годину тому
  • Got a feeling its gonna be august 🤫👀

    ThulithThulithГодину тому
  • Yay

    Shiba inu SquadShiba inu SquadГодину тому

    DaikuroDaikuroГодину тому
  • Oh no.

    Aya A.Aya A.Годину тому
  • ayo im pumped

    Olivia HancovskyOlivia HancovskyГодину тому

    Jules CJules CГодину тому
  • It's been years!

    John FurrhJohn FurrhГодину тому
  • When?

    Purple StrikePurple StrikeГодину тому
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    God is LoveGod is LoveГодину тому
  • Oh this gonna be fun to watch

    A ghostA ghostГодину тому
  • Where is the monster

    Through My LensThrough My Lens2 години тому
  • of course the wall has the gay rainbow colors lol

    Funk Machine909Funk Machine9092 години тому
  • I am very scared Rn….

    Blue MoonBlue Moon2 години тому
  • So excited for this

    Mr. Duble-UMr. Duble-U2 години тому
  • Omg can't wait 😍

    princess efeohiprincess efeohi2 години тому
  • Give the dates when you gonna release it ??????? 🍿 And 🍹is ready😁

    Comedy by HbjComedy by Hbj2 години тому
  • Is Papa training new people and Eleven is “listening” (using her powers to spy)?

    A EA E2 години тому
  • Netflix really had it planned a long way🙃

    Darxter DarxDarxter Darx2 години тому
  • The setting is at 1986

    MachoPranko22MachoPranko222 години тому

    Stacey FloresStacey Flores2 години тому
  • when seven and eleven become friend . are you listening?

    iam RBMiam RBM2 години тому
  • The sound design, oh my god, why is no one talking about the sign design?

    MiloDeMemerMiloDeMemer2 години тому
  • ⚆ _ ⚆

    Beedog907Beedog9072 години тому

    Chubster ChicChubster Chic2 години тому
  • She’s not listening

    Light GlueLight Glue2 години тому
  • Season 4 will be very baddas

    PS legendsPS legends2 години тому
  • Took so long to bring out another season I forgot what this shows about 😂

    avalon kallooavalon kalloo2 години тому
  • Number 7 and the number 11 hmm 7 11

    parker fgegparker fgeg2 години тому
  • Guess he's not her real father

  • Wait is over

    57 Pratham AR57 Pratham AR2 години тому
  • 2/4/22

  • Pog

    HeyItsMeAlex16HeyItsMeAlex162 години тому

    lili hernandezlili hernandez2 години тому
  • Is ut too late to start watching stranger tjings now ???

    Marvel GuyMarvel Guy2 години тому
  • Okay listen this is probably totally insignificant but this was released on the sixth day of the fifth month, 6+5= 11

    Presley HallPresley Hall2 години тому
  • jesus loves you✞

    ???????? ?????????????? ??????2 години тому
  • After all these seasons we finally going to see the origin story

    Abi NubliAbi Nubli2 години тому

    POLY BIUSPOLY BIUS2 години тому
  • I guess we'll see 4 and 7 this time...

    Never MindNever Mind2 години тому
  • I gonna be crazy.✌️

    Harish DeepHarish Deep2 години тому
  • Things are about to get stranger

    DoomLightDoomLight2 години тому
  • Hello Duffer brothers I'm Timur and wanted to be 012 character in season 5. I watched your series about strange affairs and it seems to me that there is not enough one more character for 11 and 08. In this film I have powers, but they are twice as much as Dina's. But I'll tell you everything later. But there is one problem that I am Russian and cannot speak your language, so I have a translator and I can understand you in your language. 12 years. If you want to tell me something, write to me.

    Тимур ШаякубовТимур Шаякубов2 години тому
  • I can’t wait

    G U N D H A M T A N A K AG U N D H A M T A N A K A2 години тому
  • Damn it they didn't even show her hair so we don't know about the timeline.

    Never MindNever Mind2 години тому
  • Heck yea

    justAngeljustAngel2 години тому

    Baby YobamaBaby Yobama2 години тому
  • Netflix trying to make us forgive them for the Hype House 💀

    Rehanna ReidRehanna Reid2 години тому

    kyleahkyleah2 години тому

    Carlos Torres Gonzalez del RiegoCarlos Torres Gonzalez del Riego2 години тому
  • Finally

    SmellMyBacons21SmellMyBacons212 години тому
  • Two More, On the Way

    SJ's Pes WorldSJ's Pes World2 години тому
  • i think this season will have more horror vibes, the tone gives me season one vibes

    Nada RaabNada Raab2 години тому
  • Brenner and full grown Demogorgon's, the two best villain's finally coming back.

    Beskar BricksBeskar Bricks2 години тому
  • Freakin’ strange

    Fierce Peter GamingFierce Peter Gaming2 години тому
  • If they play there cards right, could be a incredible season, or they could fudge it all up like they did with Elevens sister in season 2.

    Beskar BricksBeskar Bricks2 години тому
  • When is it going to come out?

    Rynal SinghRynal Singh2 години тому
  • Remember when Kali said "I remember when i went to the rainbow room and you weren't there anymore" ? ... I think this is that day

    Kassie MayKassie May2 години тому

      Nada RaabNada Raab2 години тому

    Aesthetic SpongebobAesthetic Spongebob2 години тому
  • Maybe the upside down is a way for papa to get rid of his failed experiments so he had 11 open it, and threw all the other kids in there to get rid of them but instead they teamed up became the mind flayer and are now trying to stop all humanity because bad people are the only people they know

    Robot Waffle123Robot Waffle1232 години тому
  • Mk ultra mind control...hollywood is showing you the truth in the form of fiction.

    MallarieMallarie2 години тому
  • About the The Desc, I think there is gonna be 4 teasers cause The Russia Teaser was 001/004 and this one is 002/004

    strangerthingsloverxxstrangerthingsloverxx2 години тому
  • Season 1 vibes are hitting me badly after watching this trailer. Can't wait for this season😛

    Krishna BhombeKrishna Bhombe2 години тому
  • ST is overrated

    3.143.143 години тому

      Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 години тому

    qquandaqquanda3 години тому

      Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 години тому
  • Did they shave millie's hair again or did they do this back in 2016 cause they knew this was coming... IDK IM JUST ASSUMING

    Just ErinJust Erin3 години тому
  • 2 more super kids coming 002,004 😌😌 no problem give some more hint like release date and yeah don't forget to dubbed in hindi......

    DoraemonDoraemon3 години тому

      Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 години тому
  • Omgggggg

    Berthold is the colossal titanBerthold is the colossal titan3 години тому

      Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 години тому
  • Noooo wayyy

    Mecha GodzillaMecha Godzilla3 години тому
  • 🛸

    Mark SuckaTurdMark SuckaTurd3 години тому
  • Thanks for 32 subscribers 🔥❤️ Ab 50 karwabo please 🙏🙏😂 Love you alll

    Covid GaMinG ytCovid GaMinG yt3 години тому

      Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 години тому
  • oh my god

    SenpaiSenpai3 години тому
  • The kids crawling across the rainbow is low key kinda creepy.

    holy skitholy skit3 години тому

      Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 години тому
  • Am so hyped for season 4 I think the children have power like eleven and her sis bc they say papa and stuff omggg

    itMEsamUtamUitMEsamUtamU3 години тому
  • They definitely released a demogorgon into the room which is why when they showed that other trailer there was blood all over the same room.

    PineappleSwaePineappleSwae3 години тому

      Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 години тому

    jocelyn benjaminjocelyn benjamin3 години тому
  • Trailer kab aya ga

    jayprakash madhariyajayprakash madhariya3 години тому
  • Ummm guys look at the description

    FiredCanaryFiredCanary3 години тому
  • Waiting.............

    Amudhapriyan EAmudhapriyan E3 години тому
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    Jesus is the way Repent & sin no moreJesus is the way Repent & sin no more3 години тому
  • This is a nice little teaser but please show us what we really wanna see, Team Scoop Ahoy! Now working in a video store.

    salamander337salamander3373 години тому
  • 002/004 yo whats that mean?

    Ignatius RockyIgnatius Rocky3 години тому
  • holy shit holy shit

    f1nnw0lfhard13f1nnw0lfhard133 години тому
  • What is the 002/004 code in the description i bet it's a binary code or a morse code or anything else

    Profgen tanProfgen tan3 години тому
  • there r so many ELEVENS 😮😳😳😂🤣

    its riddzits riddz3 години тому

    Jayme GonzalesJayme Gonzales3 години тому
  • I'M EXCITED FOR MUSIC TOO last 3 seasons background music are O R G A SM for me.

    ABquazaABquaza3 години тому
  • Everyone go to Netflix and watch the OA NOW

    Ty RockholdTy Rockhold3 години тому
  • Not only did they not reveal a release date, but they also didn't play the amazing stranger things theme song. What the hell man?

    Jaden N.Jaden N.3 години тому
  • Quit teasing us

    Higglewoggle OofgoodHigglewoggle Oofgood3 години тому
  • I wanted papa to die

    Eleven101Eleven1013 години тому

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams3 години тому
  • There better be more ice cream at baskin robins

    The last MemerThe last Memer3 години тому
  • I’ve been waiting for this one 🤧

    kottonplushkottonplush3 години тому

    Michael QuihuisMichael Quihuis3 години тому
  • SOoo.. eleven and brenner arent related and he has all those kids call him papa?

    etxrnaletxrnal3 години тому