Sia - Hey Boy feat. Burna Boy (Official Video)

13 січ 2021
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Fall in love (and into another dimension) with the video for "Hey Boy" ft. Burna Boy 😘💋
Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written & directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. & Maddie Ziegler 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country
Sia's album Music (songs from and inspired by the motion picture) is out now and features "Hey Boy," "Together,” "Courage To Change," & more. Listen now:
Director: Rafatoon
Production Company: Dreambear
Executive Producers: Dave Gelb and Evan Brown
Video Commissioners: Trevor Joseph Newton & Derec Dunn
Animation: Tunjayork and Apus Studio
Sound Designer: Dalton Harts
Agency/Agent: Reveur / Emily Sanders
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Hey boy
Whatcha got for me, whatcha got in store?
Hey boy
Damn you’re so sexy, got me wanting more

Not going to be single, not tonight
Am I going to be single all my life?
I want you to stop and come on by
Because you know what us single women like
Hey boy wontcha come around come around town, hey hey boy

Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy
When you pull up pull up pull up in your hoopty ride boy, ok boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy (hey boy)
Hey boy, when I get with you
My heart is satisfied
Oh yeah boy
When I get with you all I need is one night

Not going to be single, not tonight
Am I going to be single all my life?
I want you to stop and come on by
Because you know what us single women like

Hey boy wontcha come around come around town, hey hey boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy
When you pull up pull up pull up in your hoopty ride boy, ok boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy (hey boy)
Hey boy whatcha got for me, whatcha got in store?
Hey boy whatcha got for me, whatcha got in store?
Every body di body di body do body
Oluwal Burna ti de o
Tell me have you ever
Been with a Breda
Wey go take you through any weather
Start drying up he make you wetter
So me ting set off
You won’t find anyone to do you better
If you Come closer Babe
Make I put you for my roster babe
Put me weapon inna your holster babe
Your last lover was a joker babe
me beat it up like a drummer
When the music feel right with the vodka
Mix with tings you like,like
Like my banana
Situation get hot like larva
Ad libs
(Tell me have you ever)
(Every body di body di body do body
Oluwal Burna ti de o)
(Tell me have you ever)
Hey boy wontcha come around come around town, hey hey boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy
When you pull up pull up pull up in your hoopty ride boy, ok boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy (hey boy)
Hey Boy!
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