Saving Minecraft Fox From Herobrine

31 бер 2021
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Herobrine put the Minecraft Fox in prison but I helped him escape...
#Shorts #Minecraft
Music: RYLLZ - Nemesis

  • Dream be like:

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  • So how to go back?

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  • Fundy: why :(

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  • Ok first of all herobrine does not need diamond armor to kill you he's the god of minecraft

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  • I don't really know much about Herobrine

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  • Me with creative mode : so you have chosen Death..

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  • So how to escape

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  • Ele fez igual o Dream

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  • How dose the fox get back to land. Don't need to be cannon or realistic make it as dum as you want.

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  • I really expected the fox to drop stacks of emeralds or something. Really adds to such videos.

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  • Song name ?

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  • POBRE. SITO. 😍🤧😭

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  • The boy is saveing the fox

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  • arent they stuck on that little prison island thingy now?

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  • and how do they return xd?

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  • You killed him in 1 shot

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  • Ok now how do you get beck with the fox

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  • Song?

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  • I wanted to know the name of this song

  • Save foxy

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  • We knowing that he had to kill a fox for the morph mod

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  • Do so cute 🥺🤗

  • oloku

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  • You know that's a fake herobrine when he wearing armor

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  • If I hear this song one more time I will commit undertale genocide ending x5 Edit: it happened

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  • ale Słotki lisek🤗

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  • Its the DREAM Minecraft

  • Que pro no yo podría hacer todo eso me muero al hacer eso alguien mebpude decir la condición esa como se llama me gusto mucho la canción al igual que el video le si un like

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