Sabrina Carpenter - Skin

1 лют 2021
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Directed by Jason Lester
Produced by Laura Burhenn
Production Company: Our Secret Handshake
Starring: Gavin Leatherwood
Creative Director: Sarah Carpenter
Cinematographer: Luis Perez
Colorist: Tyler Roth
Production Designer: Taylor Almodovar
Art Director: Justin Gardner
Gaffer: Hiram Borges
Lighting Designer: Gigi Pedron
Key Grip: Nate Thomson
Assistant Director: Tasha Petty
Line Producer: Siya Bahal
Production Assistant: Brent Assayag
1st AC: Misael Audelo
2nd AC: Brian Callaghan
2nd Lighting Tech: Michael Rosman-Hyman
Asst Lighting Tech: Khoi Nguyen
BBG: Zane Tan
BBG: Ashley Petrie
Set Decorator: Ashley Cripe
Set Dressers: Max Cunnane, Xavier Rodriguez, Sam Rodich
Carpenters: Alen Stubbs, Mike Buckman, Tige Daroff, Dustin Bradley, Gabe Gonzalez, Steven Crowick
Special Effects: Scott Harrison
Stylists: Jason Bolden & John Mumblo
Hair: Scott King
Make-Up: Allan Avendaño with Ruby Vo
Gavin's Groomer: Mayra Godoy
Gavin's Stylist: Chainé Leyendecker
Gavin's Wardrobe Assistant: Jacquelyn Veliz
Tailor: Olga Podymova
Covid Compliance Officer: Jori Teplitzky
Medic: Nick Matosian
Director's Rep: Emily Sanders for Reveur Agency
Commissioner: Tony Corey
#SabrinaCarpenter #Skin
Music video by Sabrina Carpenter performing Skin. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Olivia song is still better this one was too much auto tune and wasn’t natural.

    Calculus OwlCalculus Owl24 хвилини тому
  • i think the he's all mine part is rubbing it in a bit....

    Jessica LaurenceJessica Laurence30 хвилин тому
  • Wow she has the facility to say maybe blonde was the only rhyme XD 😂😂. GURLLLLLLL Blonde isn't a rhyme. It's the truth! LOL

    Duru okteDuru okte41 хвилина тому
  • Guys just move on ....

    Ronak SaxenaRonak Saxena58 хвилин тому
  • The song is amazing, but gurls calm down its a Wish version of Shawn Mendes

    Nora AgnesNora AgnesГодину тому
  • Is this some kinda weird way of saying that only nick can have Sabrina cause if not I’m totally having a strong sense that it is.

    Summer CutieSummer CutieГодину тому
  • Me being a fan of Sabrina and Olivia 😎👍

    RoséRoséГодину тому
  • Maybe we could've been friends If I met you in another life Maybe then we could pretend There's no gravity in the words we write Maybe you didn't mean it Maybe blonde was the only rhyme The only rhyme Want my heart to be breaking, breaking, no I'm happy and you hate it, hate it, oh And I'm not asking you to let it go But you been telling your side So I'll be telling mine, oh You can try To get under my, under my, under my skin While he's on mine Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin I wish you knew that even you Can't get under my skin If I don't let you in You're telling it how you see it Like truth is whatever you decide Some people will believe it And some will read in between the lines You're putting me in the spotlight But I've been under it all my life, said, all my life Want my heart to be breaking, breaking, no I'm happy and you hate it, hate it, oh And I'm not asking you to let it go But you been telling your side So I'll be telling mine (mine) You can try To get under my, under my, under my skin While he's on mine Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin I wish you knew that even you Can't get under my skin If I don't let you in-oh You can try To get under my, under my, under my skin While he's on mine Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin I wish you knew that even you Can't get under my skin If I don't let you in-oh I just hope that one day We both can laugh about it When it's not in our face Won't have to dance around it Don't drive yourself insane It won't always be this way You can try To get under my, under my, under my skin While he's on mine Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin I wish you knew that even you Can't get under my skin If I don't let you in

    Thaís Cristina FerreiraThaís Cristina Ferreira2 години тому
  • So sorry about all the drama about Olivia’s song Sabrina stay strong an I love love love your song :)

    Girls 4 Life volgsGirls 4 Life volgs2 години тому
  • not me watching dis after watching about joshua bassett and olivia rodrigo and sabrina carpenter ;)

    Janiz PanaresJaniz Panares3 години тому
  • Olivia's next single "Gun License"

    HandsomeAzn ManHandsomeAzn Man3 години тому
  • „While he’s all on my skin” Wow. That must’ve hit different. Too petty and hurtful for my taste, when all Olivia was saying is “she’s everything I’m insecure about”.

    Hiy YaHiy Ya4 години тому
  • Ok so like the song is BOMB but this is a bit idk immature with Sabrina and Joshua making songs after Olivia’s idk just giving me Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez vibes! Am I the only one????

    Oh OkOh Ok5 годин тому
  • already flopping so i decided to give you one view as charity work

    Gabielle Kish AngelesGabielle Kish Angeles5 годин тому
    • i should book you a plastic surgery appointment as charity work✨

      tofutofu5 годин тому
  • Sabrina that Sabrina's partner in sabrina

    Sophia RiofloridoSophia Rioflorido6 годин тому
  • I don’t know how you guys keep blaming Sabrina and Joshua is Olivia, I’m not blaming anyone I’m just saying why Olivia didn’t hear Dua Lipa’s new music and overcomes her only 18 years old I know love you have no age, get over it is life, the discussion is not your aff. Olivia is still very young and will meet other people. He just followed his life and she has to follow hers :(

    The UnitersThe Uniters6 годин тому
  • Whatever u say.... this IS a diss track

    Dasharath WaghelaDasharath Waghela6 годин тому
    • @Mahira Mahzabeen a song which throws shots at an individual is know as diss track as a hip hop nerd ik that

      Dasharath WaghelaDasharath Waghela5 годин тому
    • She said in an interview that this is not a diss track.

      Mahira MahzabeenMahira Mahzabeen5 годин тому
  • tbh this is better than drivers license

    Bangtan Twin11Bangtan Twin118 годин тому
  • 2:42 - 2:46 She looks so beautiful here :)

    Akum LkrAkum Lkr8 годин тому
  • YESSSS I like the song driver license but I don't like the backstory of it. Like imagine someone writing a song about how perfect they were with YOUR boyfriend. Like poor Sabrina

    Aubree MarsdenAubree Marsden9 годин тому
  • But Olivia was kind of mean tho

    Jordan DavisJordan Davis9 годин тому
  • I’m sorry but can’t just take somebody’s boyfriend- okay!? It’s not cool- like it’s one thing to do that- but still Olivia isn’t doing anything mean- she is just emotionally hurt

    Jordan DavisJordan Davis9 годин тому
    • the misogyny.... if someone truly wants to be with you, nobody can "steal" them from you. leave this mentality in 2020. him and olivia never even dated.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
    • Olivia and Josh never dated.

      Mahira MahzabeenMahira Mahzabeen9 годин тому
  • Nick got Sabrina wrong HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

    Musica ParatodoMusica Paratodo9 годин тому
  • is that the guy from the chilling adventures of sabrina

    Tyashira LamYuenMeafouTyashira LamYuenMeafou9 годин тому
  • a girl who had a crush on me sent this song to me and blocked me back, what to do?

    His IMPERIAL MajestyHis IMPERIAL Majesty10 годин тому
  • They are just having group chat where they respond with a song, its fine. this is what 2020 did to these people....

    Awehu AnaniAwehu Anani10 годин тому
  • luv

    松村のオンナ松村のオンナ10 годин тому
  • Love the song but sabriana act like olivia was attacking her like girl chill

    nat lolnat lol10 годин тому
    • use common sense. if olivia wasnt attacking her, the chorus is obviously for the thousands of people who were. shes literally talking ab being friends with olivia.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • *Gavin really is having chilling adventures with Sabrina*

    Encanta MúsicaEncanta Música11 годин тому
  • She's eighteen, why are you making a song dissing her when she didn't diss you in the first place...?

    Tendou StalkerTendou Stalker11 годин тому
    • USE COMMON SENSE. if olivia wasnt attacking her, then the chorus is obviously for the haters who were slut shaming her, giving death threats and calling her a man stealer. shes literally talking ab being friends with her and laughing ab this later. dont even try to use the age card, this entire thing started because of that one lyric in DL in the first place.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • Listen here lady I am sorry but Olivia is better then you stop fighting with a teen lady

    •F r x g g i ė••F r x g g i ė•11 годин тому
  • I Love this song beautiful masterpiece

    Lynnia DossLynnia Doss11 годин тому
  • falling in love for you Sabrina

    Lucia ConvercetLucia Convercet12 годин тому
  • petty asfff

    miss_ gurllmiss_ gurll12 годин тому
    • no

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому

    Kaylee NavarroKaylee Navarro12 годин тому
  • but like what if it wasnt about her- i- crazy stuff.

    blossom gamesblossom games12 годин тому
  • Okay though, does anyone else think it is cool how Sabrina will sometimes put these famous people in her music videos

    Josie DitmarsJosie Ditmars13 годин тому
  • This song got under my skin. Beautiful vocals just didn’t like the song. Felt like a rushed half ass song just to put a response out there. Sorry but Ding..ding. Olivia wins this one with a knock out.

    Just SayingJust Saying13 годин тому
  • obsessed with this song

    DramaLlanaDramaLlana14 годин тому
  • oliave said she was insecure about you witch is calling you pretty

    julianna cringy chaneljulianna cringy chanel14 годин тому
    • @lin grande omg this it’s almost kind of backhanded because you want others to feel bad for you since you’re ‘iNseCurE’

      tofutofu5 годин тому
    • saying someone makes u insecure isnt a fucking compliment. never was, never will be. and shes literally talking ab being friends with olivia.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • Neta por esa caca jssbdbdbdvdv

    Rigoberto RamosRigoberto Ramos14 годин тому
  • hshshs Olivia said she didn't even know Sabrina and hence can't write song based on her.

    Syazwani ShukriSyazwani Shukri15 годин тому
    • yet there are multiple videos all over the internet where olivia is singing sab's songs and fangirling. clout hungry me thinks.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • BTW loved u in work it watched it tonight and loved it u did such an amazing job

    Cara GallagherCara Gallagher15 годин тому
  • 0:16 and before it has so many references to drivers licence and I don't think Olivia Rodriguez made the song about her

    Cara GallagherCara Gallagher15 годин тому
  • This song Is defo about drivers licence

    Cara GallagherCara Gallagher15 годин тому
  • estamos de acuerdo que esto esta genial.

    Arianny DiazArianny Diaz15 годин тому
  • I bet it gets under your skin that Olivia is a much better singer

    Lynn PereiraLynn Pereira16 годин тому
    • LMFAO yet she cant hit the notes of her own songs live?? 😭💀 Sue Me Acapella can wash olivia any day pls sit the fuck down.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • im olny comes here for "Nick" and sabrina but Spellman 😁🥰

    Saverio88Saverio8816 годин тому
  • what is this the aldi version of taylor swift's lover video? LAME

    Aurora LusardiAurora Lusardi17 годин тому
    • no hate tho

      Aurora LusardiAurora Lusardi17 годин тому
  • omg this is my life right here

    Natasha CulverNatasha Culver17 годин тому
  • really?!?......why do you have to "fight back", she is heart broken...stop making it about you Sabrina..... embarrassing

    Liri ShechterLiri Shechter17 годин тому
  • Wow that why I always say luv confuse me

    Bbv GoneBbv Gone17 годин тому
  • why are saying that he is all over your skin you just made the whole thing worse ad she is might be depressed because she knows that you and him are doing the nasty

    mya jacksonmya jackson17 годин тому
    • bruh its HER boyfriend??? ofc they can have sex.. yall r so stupid. olivia and him never even dated gtfo. the chorus is literally for thr haters who were slut shaming her and calling her a man stealer and giving death threats for weeks straight when DL was released. not her fault yall are incapable of comprehending basic metaphors nd symbolism in the music video.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • I don’t even feel like Driver’s license is about Sabrina, it’s about that guy wasn’t it? Lol 🤔

    TiffanyTiffany17 годин тому
  • no Sabrina no😭🖖

    maddieee *maddieee *17 годин тому
  • This is such a nice song, Smooth and doesn't have any cuss words!

    Maria DiazMaria Diaz18 годин тому
  • UKworld recommending me to watch drivers licence next- ...

    Alishba YaminAlishba Yamin18 годин тому
  • is that gavin leatherwood?

    sara gopaulsara gopaul18 годин тому
  • Nicholas getting all the sabrinas !!!

    JJ QueenJJ Queen19 годин тому
  • It's like Sabrina stole Olivia s boyfriend

    Ella BrownElla Brown19 годин тому
    • do you live in 2010? the misogyny.. i cant.. if someone truly wants to be with you, nobody will "steal" them away from you. get rid of this mentality. him and olivia never even dated to begin with.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • Driver’s License is better.

    Sovanni BunSovanni Bun19 годин тому
  • Los famosos deben pelearse mas seguido, salen buenas canciones jajajaja

    Itzel BetancourtItzel Betancourt19 годин тому
    • jjjajajajaja cierto

      anny sanchezanny sanchez18 годин тому
  • No hate but in driver's license she wasn't talking bad about Sabrina. Instead she said sabrina was prettier, and now Sabrina is talking bad about Olivia in her song.

    ItzMariYTItzMariYT20 годин тому
    • use common sense. if olivia wasnt talking bad ab her then the chorus is obviously for the haters who were slut shaming her and giving death threats. shes literally talking ab being friends with olivia and laughing ab this later. learn to understand basic metaphors and symbolism in a music video.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • Both songs are great okay!!!

    latinxxbeautylatinxxbeauty20 годин тому
  • Nick why you cheating on Sabrina with this Sabrina😭🤣

    latinxxbeautylatinxxbeauty20 годин тому

    Yunayveer Singh RathoreYunayveer Singh Rathore21 годину тому
  • a fucking masterpiece

    Anna NeprawskeyAnna Neprawskey21 годину тому
  • She is just in love or maybe she’s not either way ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS she is beautiful and good for her for standing up fore her self

    Rebekah LankowRebekah Lankow21 годину тому
  • Dang there really drama

    Gamer DoryGamer Dory21 годину тому
  • mereka sebelumnya temenankah??? (sabrina ama olivia)

    Aufa IzzatiAufa Izzati22 години тому

    Pashmeena ZeeshanPashmeena Zeeshan22 години тому
  • Joshua belongs with Olivia rodrigo

    Esme GilesEsme Giles22 години тому
    • he's not a fucking object. he is a grown ass man who can make his own decisions. shut the fuck up.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • Blonde replica of Ariana Grande. Nothing special.

    KindaKinda22 години тому
  • She should be so ashamed of herself. Olivia is completely broken and horrid sabrina is making it 100 times worse. You think your heart is breaking Sabrina? Maybe actually apologise to Olivia and you think she's trying to get under your skin? Look at you, writing a whole song about how heartbroken but have some respect and sympathy. This is a disgrace. How dare you complain about being heart broken when you have the man, you stole him. I jolly well hope you are the blonde. Because you've been acting so innocent. But really? Im on olivias side 10000% Be the bigger person and instead of complaining about your life have some empathy and realise how drastically you've impacted hers.

    alice rosealice rose23 години тому
    • @shalan palmer 😝

      alice rosealice rose45 хвилин тому
    • we don't know the whole story. don't blame sabrina for everything after listening to driver's license. even if she is with joshua, it happened after they broke up. she's complaining bc she's literally receiving death threats over something stupid. how do you think she feels getting all this hate? i doubt olivia and sabrina are even fighting, all the fans are making the "drama" 100x worse than it actually is.

      shalan palmershalan palmer21 годину тому
  • Lie lie lie and skin is about Olivia Rodrigo I think.

    Alyssa FloresAlyssa Flores23 години тому
  • I fell in love with you😍. He's very lucky to have you. Maya I love you 😅

    6ix9ine6ix9ine23 години тому
  • I love Sabrina Carpenter

    Ivan MendezIvan Mendez23 години тому
  • My Guy Gavin Really Baggin All The Sabrinas

    Cloudy SkyzCloudy Skyz23 години тому
  • She just wants attention, she took it personal

    Alhyson Cecilia Caldas MondragonAlhyson Cecilia Caldas Mondragon23 години тому
    • she was the one dragged into this bullshit by olivia stans in the first fucking place. are yall actually brain dead? she has sold out tours at the age of 17, done broadway, multiple shows and movies and makes good music. trust me she doesnt need attention from a one hit wonder girl with a debut song.

      lin grandelin grande6 годин тому
  • I cry way more during this song cause it hurts me so much cause it sounds as if she sings it directly towards you and thatis familiar (nothing against her tho)

    OliviaOliviaДень тому
  • I love your voic

    Miss Mia BeeeMiss Mia BeeeДень тому
  • Olivia talks about the song in the behind the scenes, witch has nothing too do with all this shit

    EndRewEndRewДень тому
  • haha 13 million

    Dan mationDan mationДень тому

    divya joshidivya joshiДень тому
  • 👏🏿👏👏👏👏👏😘❤😘🤴💝💝💝🌹🌷✌💪

    Ruben EsmoliRuben EsmoliДень тому

    divya joshidivya joshiДень тому
  • she is a real life princess...jealous people hating on her and others loving her..

    divya joshidivya joshiДень тому
  • And then Sabrina and Joshua will break up, like 95% of celebrities 😂

    CourtneyCourtneyДень тому
  • Every fan of Sabrina must comment this video:

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł ZielińskiДень тому
  • I love Gavin Leatherwood

    Asylum1234Asylum1234День тому
  • They are putting too much auto tune, i'm pretty sure she doesn't sound that bad without it or just a little-

    LolI LoveYaLolI LoveYaДень тому
  • Sabrina Carpenter is the real legend singer

    Kshitij VermaKshitij VermaДень тому
  • So everyone here thinks the vintage Mercedes here is a reference from driver's license. Well it can be . But the driver's license behind the scenes vid ( in which Olivia told that the car was A White Vintage Mercedes) was released on 27 Jan and this was released on 2 Feb so there is no way they shot this mv just 5 days ago after watching that video (coz mv making takes a lot of time .. they need to shoot , edit and bla bla bla ) . But u think they saw that the car was Vintage Mercedes in the MV instead of the bts video (not the boyband BTS ) then it's an another story. Tho I couldn't recognize this car in the MV .. Everybody sees what they wanna see . and I think this is purely coincidental. Everybody who thinks Sabrina was not famous before this should know that she was Famousss. She was in the very famous show Girl Meets World , she is in the Netflix movie Tall girl , Work it and many more movies. Have u ever heard the Hit song ON MY WAY well Sabrina sung it . and believe me most of her song are too good to be true like SUE ME , WHY , IN MY BED , LET ME MOVE YOU , LOOKING AT ME and SKIN (Quaterhead remix ) ... Every artist is getting their share of fame like Olivia definitely deserved it . Driver's license was Dope . So y'all stop hating on Sabrina 😒😑

    Rainav Raj PradhanRainav Raj PradhanДень тому
  • Can’t wait for the next album “DUI”

    James JarvisJames JarvisДень тому
  • Obviously she did get under her skin if she had to write a song about it

    meg Banmeg BanДень тому
  • Olivia listening be like : 👁👄👁

    「Cloud βerry」「Cloud βerry」День тому
  • 노래 너무너무 좋아요!♡!♡

    PanPanДень тому
  • Drivers license is a better song....just saying

    Cyndie WiggintonCyndie WiggintonДень тому
  • Me having both drivers license and skin on my playlist.I mean both of their songs are really good you can’t even lie.

    Cecilia CabreraCecilia CabreraДень тому
  • Why is it that some of the most interesting drama happens to be between Disney Channel stars?.😂😂😂

    Vanessa DorVanessa DorДень тому
    • Hahahahha true

      imxrphyimxrphy20 годин тому