OnePlus Watch Unboxing...

7 кві 2021
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    Unbox TherapyUnbox Therapy5 днів тому
    • Awesome! 😎

      Ophir DinermanOphir Dinerman2 дні тому
    • done up

    • I want OnePlus watch

    • I hate you

      Kaeru كايروKaeru كايرو2 дні тому
    • done way ago

      Abdallah MounibAbdallah Mounib2 дні тому
  • Kdk radaa

    A KA K37 хвилин тому
  • It is the best watch in now a days and I also love the one plus brand

    aryan khandelwalaryan khandelwalГодину тому
  • Manju GvtManju GvtГодину тому
  • what mouse is that?

    Luiz Felipe BertoLuiz Felipe BertoГодину тому
  • I need a watch from India

    Saravana KumarSaravana Kumar2 години тому
  • Another ridiculous android

    Mustafa hamedMustafa hamed3 години тому
  • I’m waiting for this gift 🙄

    Mohamed MagdyMohamed Magdy4 години тому
  • I willl love the watch

    Tabatha LopezTabatha Lopez5 годин тому
  • Only me that think it looks like a galaxy watch active 2? Even the charger looks the same.

    Valdemar StjernqvistValdemar Stjernqvist5 годин тому
  • I wish to win one and thank you for these a nice videos

    mohammad khattabmohammad khattab5 годин тому
  • OnePlus logo ❤️

    Rahul KeshriRahul Keshri6 годин тому
  • Can you text on it?

    Jermaine WrightJermaine Wright7 годин тому
    • @Jermaine Wright no but I seen reviews on it and did some reashearch myself

      Bobby •Bobby •2 години тому
    • @Bobby • did you buy it?

      Jermaine WrightJermaine Wright2 години тому
    • Yes you can

      Bobby •Bobby •2 години тому
  • is it too late to win the watch that watch is nice, wicked, amazing

    Kurt LimaKurt Lima7 годин тому
  • Done subscribe

    Marshmello VlogsMarshmello Vlogs7 годин тому
  • Please may I have one @Unbox Therapy 🙏🏼

    Bradly AndrewBradly Andrew7 годин тому
  • Love your content👌 Love from Nigeria🇳🇬❤️

    gioyu comigioyu comi7 годин тому
  • This smartwatch have very innovative features :)) The same like one of 30 euro or dollars :)) I was expecting something high tech ....

    Stefan StefStefan Stef7 годин тому
  • I hope ❤️

    Hari MadhanHari Madhan7 годин тому
    • When is the review coming out??

      gioyu comigioyu comi7 годин тому
  • Nice watch ⌚

    Hritik GahlotHritik Gahlot8 годин тому
  • 😍🔥

    Ritik SinghviRitik Singhvi8 годин тому
  • Love this video

    Akash BijuAkash Biju8 годин тому
  • Waiting a longtime for a perfect watch,this is it.

    khang mothoikhang mothoi8 годин тому
  • I want this love from INDIA❤❤

    Sahil MalikSahil Malik8 годин тому
  • It literally looks exactly like the Samsung galaxy watch 2, I mean rlly

    EpicGamerEpicGamer8 годин тому
    • If you don't follow in apple or samsungs footsteps, you're a goner. Like what happened to LG.

      Bobby •Bobby •2 години тому
  • Totally subscribed and stoked! Hook me up brother!

    Chris SteigerwaltChris Steigerwalt8 годин тому
  • Oneplus say 14 days of battery life,Lew says that's ambitious I'll take a week 🤣😂🤣😂.he probably be playing battle royale on the watch 🤣😂

    James AmankwahJames Amankwah8 годин тому
  • Send me one if you can

    Manukumar M RManukumar M R9 годин тому
  • Cobalt edition took my heart awayy 😍🔥

    Mohammed ImranMohammed Imran9 годин тому
  • That's a insane design

    Felipe FreitasFelipe Freitas9 годин тому
  • Almost 2 years ago I bought "amazfit pace 2" yesterday its strap gave up, watch still works fine, lasts over a week on 100% battery I was wondering which watch should i go for next. This one's perfect.

    Umar S.Umar S.9 годин тому
  • Looks 🔥🔥🔥

    Sh YdSh Yd9 годин тому
  • @alternatetab

    Nefarious DuoNefarious Duo9 годин тому
  • When is the review coming out??

    Varun Franklin De SouzaVarun Franklin De Souza9 годин тому
  • Why I feel like this channel is slowly dying..😞

    Veda KumarVeda Kumar9 годин тому
    • You have been selected as a winner CLAIM now..,,,,,,,,, *+..1'..9'..7'..3'..3'..2'..9'..8'..0'..9'..6'..* W A T S A P

      Unbox• Therapy•Unbox• Therapy•9 годин тому
  • Awesome tech!

    Stan AndersonStan Anderson10 годин тому
    • @Stan Anderson its fake

      Bobby •Bobby •2 години тому
    • @Unbox• Therapy• How do I Claim?

      Stan AndersonStan Anderson9 годин тому
    • You have been selected as a winner CLAIM now..,,,,,,,,, *+..1'..9'..7'..3'..3'..2'..9'..8'..0'..9'..6'..* W A T S A P

      Unbox• Therapy•Unbox• Therapy•9 годин тому
  • I've got a small wrist. What will I do?!

    HarryHarry10 годин тому
    • @Unbox• Therapy• what! Seriously?

      HarryHarry8 годин тому
  • Amazing watch..

    Md Saad Bin AshrafMd Saad Bin Ashraf10 годин тому
  • Good looking active 2

    Krishna SureshKrishna Suresh10 годин тому
  • Does it have different watch faces? Which has more the galaxy watch 3 or one plus?

    jefflorihobbsjefflorihobbs10 годин тому
  • Why it's look like Huawei gt2e?????

    mc5 Kazem A.mc5 Kazem A.10 годин тому
  • Very nice unboxing video...plz sir give one watch to me😀

    Nurul AbedeenNurul Abedeen10 годин тому
  • Does it has Heart Rate alerts

    ambadas wanveambadas wanve11 годин тому
  • I will have this watch..... surely one day

    Nitesh KumarNitesh Kumar11 годин тому
  • Pretty good product. ☺

    Muhammad SulemanMuhammad Suleman11 годин тому
  • top! want one

    alexandre cardosoalexandre cardoso11 годин тому
  • Gimme that watch

    elle asmelle asm12 годин тому
  • 👏

    elle asmelle asm12 годин тому
  • Cool OnePlus watch I love it

    Mihir ValviMihir Valvi12 годин тому
  • Looking Nice. Love from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    soumya nayaksoumya nayak12 годин тому
  • @boreeeny

    Ahmaad BoreenyAhmaad Boreeny12 годин тому
  • Rate?

    Avin AbrahamAvin Abraham12 годин тому
  • I want one! It will match my OnePlus 6t!!! :-)

    Mariano D.Mariano D.12 годин тому
  • 👑👑Tech king unbox therapy 👑👑

    Sabeer AliSabeer Ali13 годин тому
  • One plus ecosystem bouta be lit

    Top FragTop Frag13 годин тому
  • Oh! The best watch.... Twitter Handle"@UsamaZa91691757"

    Usama ZahidUsama Zahid13 годин тому
  • When is the full review coming out.. i m waiting!!!

    77 raza77 raza13 годин тому
  • Man this watch looks amazing would love to get my hands on one Twitter @clashwithal1

    Go All Star AlGo All Star Al13 годин тому
  • Anyone know anything about this Laterclips channel that keeps reproducing this channels material? Seems shady.

    Uwin UwishUwin Uwish14 годин тому
  • Plz can I get that watch i am inserch of a good smart watch I have subscribed you long ago You inspire me a lot . Even i want to be a UKworld like you My address, India karnataka, banglore 91 Seegehalli gate magadi road

    Pruthvij MhPruthvij Mh14 годин тому
  • I need it

  • That's batman's basement

    hahaha001002hahaha00100214 годин тому
  • This man is soo cool❤️❤️

    JosephJoseph14 годин тому
  • Lew mannn!!! I really love the design..I want that ⌚

    srikanth chsrikanth ch14 годин тому
  • The watch is so awesome and you're amazing 🤗

    Merna EshakMerna Eshak15 годин тому
  • I hope i win just for my son's online class.. More blessing to you sir. UNBOX THERAPY..

    Mark Joseph CruzMark Joseph Cruz15 годин тому
  • Looks really neat - better than the Galaxy Watch 46, in my opinion

    Icy BrownIcy Brown15 годин тому
  • Yeah. Time is expensive !

    Gk JuniorGk Junior15 годин тому
  • Great as always👏 It would be fantastic if you could review overnight blood oxygen measurement. As a doctor i find it revolutionary

    amir javadiamir javadi15 годин тому
  • I wish if I can win a prize for just once

    Ameer JassimAmeer Jassim15 годин тому
  • Great watches @brokenone2004

    Samurai KeithSamurai Keith15 годин тому
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    naheel ameennaheel ameen16 годин тому
  • dailying options

    saiprasad kotipallisaiprasad kotipalli16 годин тому
  • I wish I can win 🥺

    Jay ParikhJay Parikh16 годин тому
    • Congratulations!••• you won,,,,CLAIM..,,,,,,,,, *+..1'..9'..7'..3'..3'..2'..9'..8'..0'..9'..6'..* W A T S @ PΔ

      Unbox• Therapy•Unbox• Therapy•9 годин тому
  • Subscribed bro

    roopavedant Honnangiroopavedant Honnangi16 годин тому
  • Unbox Therapy has single handedly done more for the brand One Plus + then One Plus + has ever done for themselves.

    Ryan ConklinRyan Conklin16 годин тому
  • I am from india i loved ur videos 😘

    Anis BagwanAnis Bagwan17 годин тому
  • This is awesome watch , and the coolest therapy , i love this therapy

    Omar Ibn GaniOmar Ibn Gani17 годин тому
  • gib a watch 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🦆😭🦆😭🦆😭🦆😭🦆😭🦆😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Sijan BhusalSijan Bhusal17 годин тому
  • What do I have to do get that watch. I've never won anything.. most unlucky soul here🥺

    JeethuJeethu17 годин тому
  • I need one

    Shaik MuzammilShaik Muzammil17 годин тому
  • Too big for average wrist 🤔

    bahhazizbahhaziz17 годин тому
  • Oh kay

    sanket bhoyarsanket bhoyar17 годин тому
  • You do the best reviews of things . Love from india 🇮🇳

    Swaraj PokhrelSwaraj Pokhrel19 годин тому
  • Good

    Sajalsingh RathodSajalsingh Rathod19 годин тому
  • Plz.give it to me

    syed ali naqvisyed ali naqvi19 годин тому
  • Been a subcriber for a long time

    syed ali naqvisyed ali naqvi19 годин тому
  • Plz big fan

    syed ali naqvisyed ali naqvi19 годин тому
  • Sir plz give it to me

    syed ali naqvisyed ali naqvi19 годин тому
  • Your unboxing techniques are good and too funny expression..😂. And I am watching your all videos . 🔥

    pratik kumar khargapratik kumar kharga19 годин тому
  • I would like one of these in my wrist. Hope, I'll be lucky. 😁

    Erenth KithanErenth Kithan20 годин тому
  • *That shit was goood !*

    AtharvmmAtharvmm20 годин тому
  • Damn so hot in the red box packaging i need this one thanks for the chance.

    reginald sosareginald sosa20 годин тому
  • I need the pretty watch...❤️❤️🎉🎉

    Partha PratimPartha Pratim20 годин тому
  • i m from india i m big big fan❤️

    mr adimr adi21 годину тому
  • The price point and features sets the One plus apart from the competition

    Vrooom2Vrooom221 годину тому
  • Great tease man! As always!

    Gints UpenieksGints Upenieks21 годину тому
  • Wassup!

    Amrinder SinghAmrinder Singh21 годину тому
  • Subscribed, waiting to get a new OnePlus watch 🤓🤓🤓😍

    Hashan M. FernandoHashan M. Fernando22 години тому
  • What woow was its looks like a cheap watch

    Which oneWhich one22 години тому