NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | February 22, 2021

22 лют 2021
442 491 Переглядів

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from February 22, featuring John Wall, Rudy Gobert, Russell Westbrook and MORE!
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  • Welcome to the NBA LaMelo. 😁

    Lion's DenLion's Den15 годин тому
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    Isaac BehdadniaIsaac Behdadnia18 годин тому
  • This was the most boring top 10 and they need a new announcer no excitement at all she needs to go home and work on the D come back beyter tomorrow

    Junior BorgesJunior Borges18 годин тому
  • COMMENTZA THAT YOU? YOU BACK? Man i still got a primo table reserved for you and your brothers RZA N GZA.. Welcolme back CommenTZA.

    longdays shortniteslongdays shortnitesДень тому
  • Checkout my video on how to play like Devin Booker and Chris Paul in 2k21

    Polo IVPolo IVДень тому
  • where is deni avdija here with his clutch three

    Gur NussbaumGur NussbaumДень тому
  • Ddkd

    GreekGreekДень тому
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    Ert gaozhenErt gaozhenДень тому
  • It's like she's not even trying....

    Amas Bansal ArtAmas Bansal ArtДень тому
    • Maybe

      Torin O'ConnorTorin O'ConnorДень тому
  • Kobe Björn lässt grüßen German Community

    Vinceh 06Vinceh 06День тому
  • Shut up Meg

    Pete GriffinPete GriffinДень тому
  • I play a ton of basketball cool video go jazz celtics blazers

    Sharp YoungSharp YoungДень тому
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    Calrock AgentCalrock AgentДень тому
  • I’m sure she’s a great person but commentating the NBA Top 10 is not for her no enthusiasm no swag no rhymes no nothin

    Sir BedevereSir BedevereДень тому
  • #1 just got waived by the Suns lol

    Man AdamMan AdamДень тому
  • number 7 is the number 1

    wally1979wally1979День тому
  • Remember isiah thomas on starting lineup

    Elijah Mikhael RaymundoElijah Mikhael RaymundoДень тому
  • Why is this commentator lady so quiet like she's on NPR or something? Where's that dude that always yells out all the plays with enthusiasm and excitement? I need him back.

    Tenzin TrasarTenzin TrasarДень тому
  • Dontwakethebabymentator

    Jeff BarrettJeff BarrettДень тому
  • Where's the energy?

    Marvin FloresMarvin FloresДень тому
  • Do not like her voice sound like Donald’s Daughter

    pierrechapmanpierrechapmanДень тому
  • Not a real sport

    strangewaysherestrangewayshereДень тому
  • C`mon people ... what was that????!!!!!! I think, if one puts a 3 year old child to pick 10 top plays of the night, it would of pick ten times better plays than your lazy asses at NBA! That`s a pure example, of what`s called a lazy sport journalism

    Danijel HrupDanijel HrupДень тому
  • One of the worst top tens I've seen yet lol

    GitFiddlePhilly #21GitFiddlePhilly #21День тому
  • Uh this lady has the laziest commentating voice ever

    TerraSaiTerraSaiДень тому
  • For some reason she stopped saying her catchphrase.

    09lowkey09lowkeyДень тому
  • Damion jones just got waived from the suns 😭

    Muhummad ZohaibMuhummad ZohaibДень тому
  • The hypnotic paint dolly count because cactus unlikely branch throughout a nervous eight. shaky, adhesive adapter

    Anne GreenAnne GreenДень тому
  • Number one shouldn't have even been in the top ten! Open, too easy dunk!

    Dan KeleherDan KeleherДень тому
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      Kelly RichardKelly RichardДень тому
  • Some nights the top 10 is just 10 basic dunks. Glad to see a block, tough layups and sweet hesitation moves. Still needs improvement but better than 10 straight dunks..

    Rich HarrisonRich HarrisonДень тому
  • she sounds like julie bowen

    mofi ojolowomofi ojolowoДень тому
  • Lol does this lady even like basketball?

    Daniel RigbyDaniel RigbyДень тому
  • Lol what? Gobert’s double block was better than any play in this countdown.

    Casey OCasey OДень тому
  • Properly-hot-mentator

    What Da Voice!What Da Voice!День тому
  • If the goatmentator was black the NBA would have him on an ESPN 30 for 30, and he would be celebrated during wack history month, but the goatmentator is white and therefore will not get much air time because of bullshit diversity

    Zero Fox GivenZero Fox GivenДень тому
  • You'd think by watching this reel that Houston dominated the Bulls. It's so misleading lmao

    Juan RGJuan RGДень тому
  • #4 should’ve been #1

    akeakeДень тому
  • when the most creative thing you can say to describe a dunk is the number of hands used by the dunker 'one-handed slam' 'two-handed slam' loll

    A TipsyA TipsyДень тому
  • I feel asleep at 7 because of this voice. Were there good ones?

    Karl ErhardtKarl ErhardtДень тому
  • uncontested dunk... number 1...

    Tom Delay BeatsTom Delay BeatsДень тому
  • Mute

    Taylor HinesTaylor HinesДень тому
  • Devin Booker something nice 🥶 #Smooth

    Big TayzerBig TayzerДень тому
  • Book gettin SAUCY wit it. Should have been #1. Im a suns fan but that Jones dunk was basic

    Jacey GaitherJacey GaitherДень тому
  • Number 5 put putback dunk was nice but other dude shouldn't have missed the wide open layup

    ezbezb2 дні тому
  • She'd be an OK radio commentator. #spoiler-alert

    Gavrilo MumovicGavrilo Mumovic2 дні тому
  • Can't believe it the Phoenix Suns have the top two plays of the night!! 🤩

    Patrick ByrdPatrick Byrd2 дні тому
  • commentator has some dead vibes man. Get her gone

    J’s RoomJ’s Room2 дні тому
  • Rockets had 3 top 10 plays but got blown out by 20 to the bulls smh

    Zesty MashupZesty Mashup2 дні тому
  • Lonzo Ball: “sHoRT”

    David AllenDavid Allen2 дні тому
  • Where's Rudy Goberts double block that turned into a Conley 3?? That should be #1

    ahronithahronith2 дні тому
  • We're living in 21st century, finally. 1080p video!

    Paweł PanasiukPaweł Panasiuk2 дні тому
  • Rockets lose by 20, but get 3 of top 10 plays

    Kent EricksonKent Erickson2 дні тому
  • Bruh... If they did the top ten in sign language itd be more exciting than this...

    VanteVante2 дні тому
  • Where’s the energy in the commentary? She sounds like she’s being forced to do this 🤣🤣

    Lou GottiLou Gotti2 дні тому
  • last days... IDIOTS are choosing TOP plays...

    Mato D.Mato D.2 дні тому
  • It seems like the dudes from NBA TV are starting to take over the Top Plays for Hopefully good riddance Beau Estes. Who needs him anyways when we got the guys from NBA TV doing their business.

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson2 дні тому
  • 3 plays from the Rockets...who lost by 20. And the number one play was a gimme dunk because of bad defense.

    Stephen Signa-AvilesStephen Signa-Aviles2 дні тому
  • Mitchell and Beal's reverse should be on the list.

    Smelly FartSmelly Fart2 дні тому
  • Anti-racists are really just anti-white racists.

    Sean DSean D2 дні тому
  • You could see the commentator would rather be in bed.

    B4LB4L2 дні тому
  • #bringbackGoatmentator

    inar2115inar21152 дні тому
  • i like her

    HC DaVeHC DaVe2 дні тому
  • “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💕

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez2 дні тому
  • Where is Lebron's missed free throw at the end of regulation?

    DJ2KDJ2K2 дні тому
  • Where the good anoucer at

    Devin KrochmalnyckyjDevin Krochmalnyckyj2 дні тому
  • Edwards dunk should still be #1

    TakingFlight SportsTakingFlight Sports2 дні тому
  • Top 10 lol shit was weak

    Montez YoungMontez Young2 дні тому
  • The disrespect on the heat is so obvious

    Ed BoiEd Boi2 дні тому
  • Where's Duncan Robinson on this top 10?

    Artur ArouckArtur Arouck2 дні тому
  • This commentator sucks

    Cody HenigCody Henig2 дні тому
  • This shit asssss😂

    CleverConcernCleverConcern2 дні тому
  • Someone lmk what the plays were I fell asleep

    Gregory SchrenkelGregory Schrenkel2 дні тому
  • 8-2 > 1

    Knowledge BornKnowledge Born2 дні тому
  • I like the how she called out the stats.

    Eran BosmanEran Bosman2 дні тому
  • What is GOATmentator's social media handles. We need to pay him a visit

    D MediliciousD Medilicious2 дні тому
  • Great plays all over the list. Loving it. Dunks get boring after some time

    stssts2 дні тому
  • Why she’s talking like she’s recording in a library!

    Isaac WilliamsIsaac Williams2 дні тому
  • Librarian-mentator with a very mundane top 10 🤣🤣

    mark dummannmark dummann2 дні тому
  • Where's my back to back block tf?

    Rudy GobertRudy Gobert2 дні тому
  • The number 1 play was more like number 7

    Jona SosaJona Sosa2 дні тому
  • Honestly surprise there wasn’t at least one Lebron highlight.

    ASVPASVP2 дні тому
  • 2:12 thats a bad landing

    Homie HeistHomie Heist2 дні тому
  • She sounds so uninterested 😆

    Craig RandCraig Rand2 дні тому
  • Is this the top 10????? Really? Too lowsy ... Haven't you seen any impressive moves for today's game?

    Hymel TVHymel TV2 дні тому
  • Can someone tell me why she said it's Shai Gilgous Alexxanders last game

    utahlax5utahlax52 дні тому
  • Why didn't they post Donavan Mitchell travelling his way to the three point line.

    wpdn Rlawpdn Rla2 дні тому
  • Why do they even get her to do the top 10? This is just asking to play on mute

    Calvin LCalvin L2 дні тому
  • Boring dunk > great layup ?????

    城守吉信城守吉信2 дні тому
  • we need the goatmentator!!!

    Jeremiah Anthony OuanoJeremiah Anthony Ouano2 дні тому
  • Why Beal's layup not here?

    Adrian MartinAdrian Martin2 дні тому
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  • Gobert's 2 blocks in 3 seconds was better than his block on Lamelo. Come on now.

    Ryan LofthouseRyan Lofthouse2 дні тому
  • Beal?

    城守吉信城守吉信2 дні тому
  • #1 spot is like parting of the red sea 🤣

    Chris SantiagoChris Santiago2 дні тому
  • WEAK

    Town MilesTown Miles2 дні тому
  • Where’s the clutch Beal insane reverse layup

    josh Ejosh E2 дні тому
  • So sleepy 😴

    Kenneth Brent PohlKenneth Brent Pohl2 дні тому
  • i really like this comentator no bullshit, just good narration

    Y BY B2 дні тому
  • Phoenix is looking nice.

    Lorenzo MartinezLorenzo Martinez2 дні тому
  • 🕊

    Vladyslav KurbatskyyVladyslav Kurbatskyy2 дні тому