[MV] Weeekly(위클리) _ After School

17 бер 2021
32 702 056 Переглядів

[MV] Weeekly(위클리) _ After School

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  • 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿👍

    Wisnu Artadinata99Wisnu Artadinata99Хвилина тому

    ITZY MIDZYITZY MIDZY2 хвилини тому
  • Is it just me or does this sound a little bit like ava max's ' so am I'? Like a small portion of the chorus.

    Prayas BiswasPrayas Biswas4 хвилини тому
  • Who came here after watching tiktok video? 😂😆🤣

    aKmAnZaKmAnZ4 хвилини тому
  • am i the only one who thought that this song from group after school 😅

    ByyaByya6 хвилин тому
  • me thinking it's my first time listening tl this song but why does it sound familiar is it the reason everyone is saying it's addictive !!

    magicaltanmagicaltan7 хвилин тому
  • so addicted

    Firmansyah pisangFirmansyah pisang8 хвилин тому

  • Who cant stop looking at Monday and Jihan's Vocals?

    Yabuki Sakura The CatYabuki Sakura The Cat9 хвилин тому
  • This song is ✨ADDICTING✨

    kooobaringkooobaring10 хвилин тому
  • *this song is relax*

    nur hanieyshanur hanieysha12 хвилин тому
  • Indo?

    Mukhammad Nur azizMukhammad Nur aziz12 хвилин тому
    • Hadir.

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo12 хвилин тому

    madu mt gatamadu mt gata15 хвилин тому
  • Weeekly >>>>>> stayc

    토끼지한토끼지한21 хвилина тому
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Jihan and Jungwoo look like siblings?

    imsoleneimsolene21 хвилина тому
    • Please do check Weeekly Count Dance in 1theK. Jihan dance to Kick It.

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo11 хвилин тому
  • ukworld.info/main/v-deo/ft2XpXrRyZ6nhGg.html

    stray Kitastray Kita22 хвилини тому
  • It sounds like "so am i"by ava max

    Chymbe DuenasChymbe Duenas22 хвилини тому
    • Different chords

      flèurflèur19 хвилин тому
  • What kind of drug did they put in this? 🤨

    pxstellixiepxstellixie24 хвилини тому
  • Lol im so confuse bcs of after school and i was like where's NANA 😅 btw nice song ✨

    Aeris 01Aeris 0125 хвилин тому
  • Ugleee pada dateng cuii

    StopStop27 хвилин тому
    • @Stop masih akn ada ugleee" yg lain krn views makin naik

      flèurflèur15 хвилин тому
    • @flèur yah gw ketinggalan nih

      StopStop20 хвилин тому
    • Komennya udh dihapus wkwk

      flèurflèur21 хвилина тому
    • ugleee pada kepanasan 😂

      bjxbomibjxbomi27 хвилин тому
  • SO AM I 🤣🤣

    divergent t.divergent t.31 хвилина тому
    • dimana letak lucunya?

      bjxbomibjxbomi28 хвилин тому
    • Lucu amat yah?

      StopStop30 хвилин тому
    • I'm so good with views! Thank you for the views!

      J BJ B30 хвилин тому
  • when u only know the chorus

    ; Yuna; Yuna37 хвилин тому
  • Jihannn gemess bat😭❤❤

    Regina Karaeng06Regina Karaeng0637 хвилин тому
  • Tcjieeee ugleee kepanasan 😭 ᭄

    bjxbomibjxbomi38 хвилин тому
  • Jiyoon Stann :D

    Abyan Saddam FawwazAbyan Saddam Fawwaz41 хвилина тому
  • Yang bener masa after school plagiat sih??????.....

    Samsob SukiriauSamsob Sukiriau41 хвилина тому
    • Salah

      flèurflèur19 хвилин тому
  • Sayang bgt

    Rizky AndrianRizky Andrian42 хвилини тому

    Deb DebDeb Deb42 хвилини тому

    Leemar TamposLeemar Tampos43 хвилини тому

    alif aidilalif aidilГодину тому
  • i love you 😭🖇💗💗💗💗

    Yasmin OdehYasmin OdehГодину тому
  • uri seukaiteuboardeu wiro

    Sparkling BbomSparkling BbomГодину тому
  • I do not know them, but I heard someone died there, show me what minutes she's in

    Бритни КуиннБритни КуиннГодину тому
    • Grup Name: Weeekly Song Title: After School

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo21 хвилина тому
    • @Бритни Куинн wrong video

      CEO dance PSECEO dance PSE39 хвилин тому
    • Wdym? This group just debut last year 😳

      najiehah idrusnajiehah idrus58 хвилин тому
    • @Sparkling Bbom Solly Kipop star

      Бритни КуиннБритни КуиннГодину тому
    • Huh??

      Sparkling BbomSparkling BbomГодину тому
  • jihan bisa diem gak? cute bener AHKSHWYSSBZJJ gakuat

    Nur Risqy AudiahNur Risqy AudiahГодину тому
  • Nice music

    meliodas brmeliodas brГодину тому
  • Yang nama nya jihan yang mana gaes?

    KancukKancukГодину тому
    • @Sapto Wibowo oke thank you yaa :))

      KancukKancuk14 хвилин тому
    • @Anthem Jr ok makasih :))

      KancukKancuk14 хвилин тому
    • Jihan (04 Line) 0:58 1:34 1:41 2:03 2:43 3:25 (Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual)

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo20 хвилин тому
    • 0:25 itu gaes

      Anthem JrAnthem JrГодину тому
  • Great song

    Buddyy 1499Buddyy 1499Годину тому
  • gosh im here again for like 5 times,but still never tired of this haha

    kathleen navellakathleen navellaГодину тому

    Wenjoy RVWenjoy RVГодину тому
  • why is this so addicting?!?!

    yoongiyoongiГодину тому
  • Lagi suka bngt sama jihan

    Silvia NoviantiSilvia NoviantiГодину тому
  • Fighting daileees and ugleees. Let's reach 70k comments!

    flèurflèurГодину тому
  • pls get out of my head pls

    Kabuto YakushiKabuto YakushiГодину тому
    • actually dont

      Kabuto YakushiKabuto YakushiГодину тому
  • PLAGIARISM!!! They copied it to AVA MAX song SO AM I and BLINK's song TAKUT JATUH CINTA and they make it a cheerful/happy song.

    IndahIndahГодину тому
    • Wew, abis engage ama PAPA RAZZY tiba2 banyak akun baru nongol. Ngakak aja deh. 😂

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo17 хвилин тому
    • I'm so good with views! Thank ypu for watching!

      J BJ B27 хвилин тому
    • Baru 38 menit bergabung??!!! Bye ugleee

      bjxbomibjxbomi52 хвилини тому
    • I'm glad you feel happy listen this song.. this song makes u happy and cheerfully right ?

      CEO dance PSECEO dance PSE54 хвилини тому
    • mba kalo beneran plagiat pasti udah ada kasusnya dan udah dituntut sama pihak ava max atau blink nya, lagian composer lagu ini sama ava max juga sama ya wajar lah ada yg mirip

      Radyana RadyanaRadyana Radyana54 хвилини тому
  • congratulations Weekly i love your song From Lockey (*****)

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Imas KomalasariImas KomalasariГодину тому
  • stream besties

    Zabrina Kiara.Zabrina Kiara.Годину тому

    Do you know my name?Do you know my name?Годину тому
  • Kiểu nó ko gây cảm giác đã í

    FBoyFBoyГодину тому
  • This Song make Me happy 💜💜💜

    Aloui NawresAloui NawresГодину тому

    Do you know my name?Do you know my name?Годину тому
  • Singing that cool~

    Do you know my name?Do you know my name?Годину тому

    Erwin PechoErwin PechoГодину тому
  • Semangat strim*ng guyss😍😀

    Do you know my name?Do you know my name?Годину тому
  • Udah satu bulan tapi masih terngiang-ngiang diotak helpp😭

    Do you know my name?Do you know my name?Годину тому
  • It's been a month but I'm still jamming to "Immm so good with youuu~"

    tothemoontothemoon2 години тому
  • Anyone like Jaehee’s visual like me?

    Ộp ỘpỘp Ộp2 години тому
    • Jaehee blonde hair is really pretty. 🥰

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo16 хвилин тому
    • Ive been loving Jaehee's visual since debut huhu

      PINK PandaPINK PandaГодину тому
  • I was suprised bc of Monday’s talent

    Ộp ỘpỘp Ộp2 години тому
  • I feel happy bc they gain more more popular. Bc some other kpop songs are pities:((

    Ộp ỘpỘp Ộp2 години тому
  • I'm so good with you

    r_kyeoptar_kyeopta2 години тому
  • Still addictive with this song 😍

    Sky ThiefSky Thief2 години тому
  • The one singing chorus with black n white bucket hat looks a bit like sejeong( ioi) when she smiles

    bliss shubliss shu2 години тому
    • @Sapto Wibowo yes.. Thankyou

      bliss shubliss shuГодину тому
    • This girl right? Park Soeun (02 Line) 1:03 1:48 1:56 2:06 2:27 2:53 (Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center)

      Sapto WibowoSapto WibowoГодину тому
  • the chorus is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    reveluviereveluvie2 години тому
  • ayoo bentar lagi 33M 😭😭

    bjxbomibjxbomi2 години тому
  • This song is still going viral everywhere... Look at the vws, it is still increasing skyroketly

    InSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHERInSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHER2 години тому
  • Who's here after tik tok

    Lydia ChangLydia Chang2 години тому
  • Semangat

    StopStop2 години тому
  • omg the last part of the song is very addicting

    apado gwaenchanaapado gwaenchana2 години тому
  • I saw this as an intro in random play dance which I love to do and now here I am and I loveeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttt this song is soooo different from songs in my playlist all of them suits my taste but this is the best especially the chorus is my favourite 💓💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍

    Lalnuni KhawlhringLalnuni Khawlhring2 години тому
  • Do they have their first win already? With this song?

    정정정정2 години тому
    • @Sapto Wibowo :'(

      Jeanpierre Gamboa DiazJeanpierre Gamboa DiazГодину тому
    • Nope. They didn't get any win with this song.

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo2 години тому
  • Hmm

    Alex jjjAlex jjj2 години тому
  • I'm here again

    Joanna_Yoon Dance CoverJoanna_Yoon Dance Cover2 години тому
  • 32.634

    KartiniDwi RhyuuKartiniDwi Rhyuu2 години тому
  • Which one is Monday?

    Bungkus GorenganBungkus Gorengan2 години тому

      I'm too tired to replyI'm too tired to replyГодину тому
    • 1:20

      Nur ZarifahNur Zarifah2 години тому
  • who came here bcs of tik tok XD

    Lionel ArchieLionel Archie2 години тому
  • My WEEKLY habit is cooming here

    Donnabelle BaliadDonnabelle Baliad2 години тому
  • i cant escape it and i dont want to

  • I'm thinking if I will stan this kpop girl group or not,,

    Clenzy GananClenzy Ganan2 години тому
    • If you decided to stan them and need help with their names, just let me know. 😉

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo2 години тому
  • This really gives me vibes!!

    FIVƎ 24FIVƎ 242 години тому
  • Gw kesini karna terngiang ngiang sound tiktok 😭

    Adelia Khoirun nisaAdelia Khoirun nisa3 години тому
  • pls this song is so addicting

    akaashiiiakaashiii3 години тому
  • Emangnya kita perlu beli album supaya bisa dianggap fans? Wkwkwk otak lo fungsinya gimana sih

    myheart_ dumhdurummyheart_ dumhdurum3 години тому
    • @Kharisma Budiansya wah samaan nih aku jg tau dr music circle trs cm dengerin lagunya aja pas udh debut sampe akhirnya ada gosip" itu aku jd makin kepo ke weeekly. Oh trnyata emg ngehate kmn" ya, mungkin fansnya msh banyak yg awam dan baru jd kpopers. Dlu aku cm baca komen yg pas jaman MAMA sih, itu aja udh parah banget. Krn itu jg jd pengen protect weeekly

      flèurflèur28 хвилин тому
    • @Kharisma Budiansya semua grup SM disenggol btw. NCT, Aespa, terakhir EXO. Gw yg ngikutin beritanya di Twitter aja cuman bisa geleng2. 😅

      Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo32 хвилини тому
    • @Kharisma Budiansya awalnya daileee ga tanggepin, tapi lama lama kek, wah ga bener nih fans nya

      AkbarsenpiAkbarsenpi37 хвилин тому

      AkbarsenpiAkbarsenpi37 хвилин тому
    • @flèur Tau Weeekly awalnya dari Music Circle cuma setelahnya mulai debut sampai comeback pertama ga terlalu ngikutin, tapi kalau dilihat sekilas fandom sebelah udah mulai cari gara-gara sih yang bilang Tag Me viewsnya hasil beli lah, terus album dibeli perusahaan sendiri dll. Puncaknya ya pas Melon Award sama MAMA itu, sampai dibilang ROTY Keluarga sama ROTY Uler sama fandom toxic itu, bahkan akun IG Weeekly dispam sama mereka. Sini yang orang biasa yang ga stan group apa-apa ya jadi heran dong, ini fandom gini amat. Akhirnya baru paham kelakuan mereka gimana pas mereka nuduh fans Aespa nyolong vote di Mubeat lol, terus kata anak eSeM stan itu fandom emang udah sering gitu, dulu katanya juga pernah nyenggol NCT apa Suju gitu, lupa.

      Kharisma BudiansyaKharisma Budiansya45 хвилин тому
  • Lagu ny terngiang-ngiang di otak gw😭😭

    Dinda _xhycDinda _xhyc3 години тому
  • 띠링~

    쥬피터쥬피터3 години тому
  • 1st verse sounds like Side to Side, prechorus feels like Heart Shaker, chorus sounds like So am I by Ava Max

    Bon VoyageBon Voyage3 години тому
    • Side by side from lil kim crush on you

      CEO dance PSECEO dance PSE2 години тому
  • Come here for a boost of happiness after I got teary eyes watching Apink 10th Anniversary Fan Song. 😢

    Sapto WibowoSapto Wibowo3 години тому
  • yes im back for the 0874567890765th time

    straykidsupermacystraykidsupermacy3 години тому

    Argus PersaArgus Persa3 години тому
  • whats in the hell with this song's hook ???? literally stuck in my head everytime

    Muhd HateemMuhd Hateem3 години тому
  • How can you addicted to drugs when you can addicted to this song??

    ais ais aisais ais ais3 години тому
  • I’m pretty sure they put cocaine in this song

    Federica Di NicolóFederica Di Nicoló3 години тому
  • intro its litle mix

    Peachy TVPeachy TV3 години тому

      AkbarsenpiAkbarsenpi39 хвилин тому
  • this how kpop should sound omg this giving me a 2nd gen cute concept!!! Almost every new group now go for the badass concept 😬

    reign4everreign4ever3 години тому
  • The likes increased fast, like 3/4 days ago just 500+K likes and now 700+K likes, thank you for your hard work Daileee

    Calvin CCalvin C3 години тому
  • 32,610,080

    Edzel Ann'sEdzel Ann's3 години тому
  • 이게 오래전에 찾던 것인데 이제 찾았 어

    min yonggimin yonggi3 години тому
  • stan weeekly muachh🔥🔥

    XI IPS 1 Riky Eka SaputraXI IPS 1 Riky Eka Saputra3 години тому
  • On the way to 1M likes, goo make account for like this MV, Hwaiting

    Calvin CCalvin C3 години тому
  • aku kpopers sejati😗

    XI IPS 1 Riky Eka SaputraXI IPS 1 Riky Eka Saputra3 години тому
  • Weeekly - After School is inspired by So I Am by AVA MAX ☺️

    Best Girl MinaBest Girl Mina3 години тому
    • Mostly ava max song also sampled from other songs..why people only listen her song so am i..?

      CEO dance PSECEO dance PSE2 години тому
    • @Drop Thunder oh yeah? Oke oke thank you for correct me

      Calvin CCalvin C3 години тому
    • @Calvin C it's just the chorus not the whole music.. From what i heard.. Also the composer of this song is the one who composed IU's Celebrity and OH MY GIRL - Dolphin

      Drop ThunderDrop Thunder3 години тому
    • Maybe no maybe yes No, why? The sample so old and free to use it, and Yes, why? Cuz i hear from some fans the music makers of After School-Weeekly same as music makers of So Am I-Ava Max. cmiiw

      Calvin CCalvin C3 години тому