LeBron James Craziest Dunk From Nearly Free Throw Line At 37 Years Old!

14 лют 2021
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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • This is unreal 🤣 This man will literally be 37 Years Old In like 7 months ‼️‼️🐐🐐👑👑

    Julio Jones8Julio Jones88 годин тому
  • Is it a handball, water polo, volleyball or basketball without rules?))) Sometimes you have to hit the ball on the playing field) Ahahahahahahaa)))

    Григорий ПолоротовГригорий ПолоротовДень тому
  • Dude is 6'9 and still a pro athlete , this isn't impressive at all relax

    Metsr HallMetsr Hall8 днів тому
    • In year 18 not impressive? Fk outa here

      PortoRockPortoRock7 днів тому
  • He's a King for a reason

    Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smithArmani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith8 днів тому
  • Can somebody please tell the refs to call that dam travel, please!!!!

    Anthony GregoryAnthony Gregory8 днів тому
  • Everyone in the comments thinking this was a travel don’t know what a gather is and it shows. Just admit you don’t watch basketball.

    Jehvon RobertsJehvon Roberts9 днів тому
  • 36

    MCRY KlapzMCRY Klapz10 днів тому

    Comercial Argelia SA De CVComercial Argelia SA De CV10 днів тому
  • Jesus Christ

    Thou YeddahThou Yeddah11 днів тому
  • Five step dunk but impressive nonetheless.

    수달튜브TV수달튜브TV11 днів тому
  • Hold up..... what kind of defense is that son?

    Brian .HBrian .H11 днів тому
  • Steroids

    ivorysteeleivorysteele12 днів тому
  • Just another day at work

    Calvin ChenCalvin Chen12 днів тому
  • Not even close to free throw line

    rob feldrob feld12 днів тому
  • awful!!...how many steps !!!! travellingggg!!!

    Pedro RomeroPedro Romero12 днів тому
  • "nearly" that's not even close to the free throw line, but still impressive.

    DizzyDizzy12 днів тому
  • Honest Question. Is it better to be 1-0 in the finals or 3-6-1 in the finals?

    YO PAULYO PAUL12 днів тому
  • It was not near free line dunk but whatever dunk was amazing.

    Anoop YadavAnoop Yadav13 днів тому
  • Say what you want but that man even slowed down to take that dunk

    Reve BayReve Bay13 днів тому
  • how is he dunking like that at his age. insane. what is he eating

    Dr. GingDr. Ging13 днів тому
  • 3 fkin steps. 3 fkin steps!

    JoshPenn81JoshPenn8113 днів тому
  • I think Murray’s last second heave was more a travel than Lebron’s dunk

    Edward ChayEdward Chay13 днів тому
  • clearly a travel, you can also see jokic pointing at it. the refs are just scared of lebron but that doesnt matter, denver got the win anyways

    Daryl CandelDaryl Candel13 днів тому
  • He traveled his lame-ass off

    Donald ToneyDonald Toney13 днів тому
    • @jesus christ jedfz finally somebody who actually know what they're talking about shoutout back 2 ya bro

      Donald ToneyDonald Toney10 днів тому
    • @Donald Toney don’t try to reason with him he said he saw in 0.25 speed dude is clearly blind

      jesus christ jedfzjesus christ jedfz10 днів тому
    • @Cory sorry bro it was 3

      Donald ToneyDonald Toney13 днів тому
    • Put it in playback speed 0.25 you see he only picks up the ball before his 2 steps which are legal :)

      CoryCory13 днів тому
  • Really?!? No comments about the 8 to 9 steps he took?

    Guy FawkesGuy Fawkes13 днів тому
    • EXACTLY.

      JAiReN FrAzIeRJAiReN FrAzIeR13 днів тому
  • He’s at least 10 years younger.

    Tha historicaladamsmithUSMCTha historicaladamsmithUSMC13 днів тому
  • thats a travel took 3 steps

    derek zargarianderek zargarian13 днів тому
  • He travelled

    Alejo Zamora3Alejo Zamora313 днів тому
  • did lebron age a year ??

    PaperThreadPaperThread13 днів тому
  • He would give up his son to be M.J. AINT GOT HIS OWN PERSONALITY ON THE GAME!!!

    Danny CardenasDanny Cardenas13 днів тому
  • Fans letting the worship for this man blind them 😂 there’s no basketball play in which you can dribble the ball once from the half court line and then finish with a dunk without traveling. Gather step, euro step James harden step I don’t care what kinda sorcery he does with the ball it’s a travel all day long. Even a made up movie that’s based in a golf hole alternate universe called looney land knows it’s preposterous to end the movie with a play like this. So instead of letting the goat travel in front of the whole wide world let’s make him dunk stretch Armstrong style so that it’s more realistic🤷🏻‍♂️

    Joseph MedinaJoseph Medina13 днів тому
  • He damn near traveled, 3 steps

    Khahari PorterKhahari Porter13 днів тому
    • Yeah, damn near travelled the entire length of the floor lol....big travel at the end, AND he takes two steps before starting his dribble at the beginning of the play

      Brooks FiserBrooks Fiser8 днів тому
  • Mad love for lebron. But he is the travel king. This one looks like a travel but if you notice after he split the two defenders he threw the ball ahead and gathered two more steps before he grabbed it and jumped. But its def. Borderline

    ProLink AthleticsProLink Athletics13 днів тому
    • It was legal I analyzed it in slow motion definitely looked suspect tho in real time

      OzzeeOzzee12 днів тому
  • Travel

    Ceo_FitzCeo_Fitz13 днів тому
  • Witness greatest

    joker meisterjoker meister13 днів тому
  • Traveled his ass off.

    Ramblin' GarageRamblin' Garage13 днів тому
  • 😂 what a fuccin savage a true King 👑 in his domain. Laker Nation 💪🏿

    Heavy ChevyHeavy Chevy13 днів тому
  • He took three steps. But amazing dunk at that age. But again he traveled

    Caligula AugustusCaligula Augustus13 днів тому
  • You meant 36 years old

    Faze Kt11Faze Kt1113 днів тому
  • He's 36 years old

    Marcus MartinezMarcus Martinez13 днів тому
  • Travelling

    Gabriel Ernesto CabralGabriel Ernesto Cabral13 днів тому
  • Why boosting his Age lol He's 30 years old

    Ayoo JuiceAyoo Juice13 днів тому
  • he’s 36

    Johnny LawrenceJohnny Lawrence13 днів тому
  • That’s a good 2-3 feet in front of the line 😂 come on now!

    Texas guyTexas guy13 днів тому
  • Traveling violation is no longer a violation. If MJ23 is still in this era, he would probably average 40pts to 50pts a game.

    antlou123antlou12313 днів тому
    • @Evan Ash Yeah... i was just over stating it since traveling violation is no longer a violation in today's nba.

      antlou123antlou12313 днів тому
    • maybe 40 but not 50

      Evan AshEvan Ash13 днів тому
  • Legalstep?Illegalstep?

    YT 0731YT 073113 днів тому
  • Nice travel...

    Olivier DassanceOlivier Dassance13 днів тому
    • Next time blow your whistle from your keyboard

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
  • What a travel.

    David JonesDavid Jones13 днів тому
    • Next time blow your whistle from your keyboard

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
  • Didn't know its 2022

    DjapeDjape13 днів тому
  • "im done bro"

    Boo TandingBoo Tanding13 днів тому
  • Whats the song?

    Mike the RunnerMike the Runner13 днів тому
  • you could argue thats the dunk of the year so far

    VashVash14 днів тому
    • @Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever 😂😂😂 that’s facts they make it annoying being a bron fan

      OzzeeOzzee12 днів тому
    • That's very impressive for a player in his 18th year and all that mileage but y'all bronsexuals are crazy with the the reaching

      Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkereverClyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever13 днів тому
  • 36

    DrxbbleGodYTDrxbbleGodYT14 днів тому
  • 3 steps... is a travel

    RasxielRasxiel14 днів тому
    • Next time blow your whistle from your keyboard

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
  • 1 game= lebron has the years best flop. Next game= he has the years best dunk. Yay

    SJ NSJ N14 днів тому
  • Gotta love todays defense

    SJ NSJ N14 днів тому
  • That was not almost the free throw line. Another lie glorifying LeBumb James.

    go24teamgo24team14 днів тому
  • Unreal year 18th 🐐🐐🐐

    Julio Jones8Julio Jones814 днів тому
  • Lmaoo LeBron dont even need to do a dunk contest he just shows you in a real game with people guarding him and not being able to just choose one with a 30 sec time clock.

    Super SeahawkSuper Seahawk14 днів тому
  • Nah he def lyin bout his age he came in the league at 13 not 18 because this man is not 36 in year 18.

    Super SeahawkSuper Seahawk14 днів тому

    Παναγιωτης ΑγγελιδηςΠαναγιωτης Αγγελιδης14 днів тому
    • Next time blow your whistle from your keyboard

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
  • You dumbasses that’s not a Travel!! Damn he’s Good

    Teareal DavisTeareal Davis14 днів тому
  • He is still 36

    Randy SettlesRandy Settles14 днів тому
  • Without taking merits away, at the end of the day the dude took 3 steps after his last dribble...that’s a travel and the refs let him get away with it...not to mention his theatrical flopping scenes he shameless employs in lieu of working hard under the rim like Berkeley, Rodman, Bird, Grant, Buck Williams, or Kobe did each night.

    Dr. Rios-CollazoDr. Rios-Collazo14 днів тому
    • @redskullz124 gather step, balance step, running step, pivot step...whatever; regular folks are allowed to only take 2 steps after their last dribble. This guy gets away with that and more (flopping, etc.). This is why despite his outstanding talent and dominance will never be the GOAT. MJ is the GOAT and he knows it!

      Dr. Rios-CollazoDr. Rios-Collazo13 днів тому
    • @GRECO_ GODCG Yeah, sure...and Santa Claus is currently gathering toys to deliver next Christmas.

      Dr. Rios-CollazoDr. Rios-Collazo13 днів тому
    • lebron'James lives rent free in your head 😂😂😂

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
    • Lol no. Players are allowed 2 steps after they pick up the ball (the gather step). Lebron picks up his dribble as he's planting his left left foot (gather), then takes 2 steps (right-left) and jumps off his left foot. Perfectly legal.

      redskullz124redskullz12413 днів тому
    • It’s a gather step bruh same concept as hardens double step back

      GRECO_ GODCGGRECO_ GODCG14 днів тому
  • His 36 not 37😂

    MP3 GamingMP3 Gaming14 днів тому
  • ⛹️‍♂️1⛹️‍♂️2⛹️‍♂️3 Paul George does not believe.

    Vlada DjoleVlada Djole14 днів тому
  • Travel

    Mop 219Mop 21914 днів тому
    • Next time blow your whistle from your keyboard

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
  • Duro

    KingJamesLakkers NBAKingJamesLakkers NBA14 днів тому
  • That rookie is different 🤯

    S k r r t S k r r tS k r r t S k r r t14 днів тому
  • against denver !? Cant do that to Kd And steph tho

    El RoyalEl Royal14 днів тому
    • Lol he alley ooped to himself and slammed it down in front of both Kd and Steph during 2017 XD

      Levi AckermanLevi Ackerman14 днів тому
    • Tell curry to make sure he wont miss. The playoff this year 8th seed

      Taclo TVTaclo TV14 днів тому
  • I’m convinced lebron likes playing in the 15s

  • Both Defenders MOVED out the way 😂😂

    Cameron TylerCameron Tyler14 днів тому
  • 36 Diba

    Paul VeranoPaul Verano14 днів тому
  • It’s crazy in year 18 he’s more athletic than most ppl in year 3 or 4

    Umar WaheedUmar Waheed14 днів тому
  • This guy travels way too much even during covid...✈️

    Bobby Blast'emBobby Blast'em14 днів тому
    • Next time blow your whistle from your keyboard

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
  • he is not 37 you casual

    dragosdragos14 днів тому
  • He’s not 37 he’s 36

    Riley McguaneRiley Mcguane14 днів тому
  • Its travel hahaha

    Geo Jay BasiaGeo Jay Basia14 днів тому
  • thanks ped

    corkystorkycorkystorky14 днів тому
    • @BOY Bye it's open book how come you don't know

      corkystorkycorkystorky13 днів тому
    • Got proof?

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
  • Hope davis will be just fine. Its gonna be hard for him to go out the west if he has no ad. Its gonna be tough.

    Rice Cooking TVRice Cooking TV14 днів тому
  • I would not call it near the freethrow line but that was extremely impressive for a 36 year old.

    waitwhatwaitwhat14 днів тому
    • A step inside the line but still very impressive

      Bobby Joe Jr.Bobby Joe Jr.13 днів тому
  • oh,nearly?

    p kp k14 днів тому
  • He took 4 steps😂😂😂

    Solomon gSolomon g14 днів тому
    • @BOY Bye bro why are u mad😂😂

      KMR KelianKMR Kelian13 днів тому
    • Next time blow your whistle from your keyboard

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
    • @An Ge why are u mad 😂😂

      KMR KelianKMR Kelian14 днів тому
    • go watch it slowmo dummy

      An GeAn Ge14 днів тому
    • No he didn't he threw the ball then took it for the last two steps

      KMR KelianKMR Kelian14 днів тому
  • Non human

    全人類潰し全人類潰し14 днів тому
  • So anyone who would dare to try draw an offensive foul😂😂😂?????

  • nearly>?????

    Lava BallLava Ball14 днів тому
  • 4 steps

    Barry TsedakaBarry Tsedaka14 днів тому
    • Where 4 steps? I look clean 2 step and dunk

      Юрий ДолгорукийЮрий Долгорукий14 днів тому
  • Yooooo im not even shocked anymore Y18 This man is unbelievable hes amazing. Lol nobody wanted to get in his. Way hes like an tornado 🌪😂😭

    Dontress SmithDontress Smith14 днів тому
    • He’s a overpowered locomotive force of nuclear destruction 💯💯🌎🌎🔥🔥

      OzzeeOzzee8 днів тому
    • :O

      aritz moodsaritz moods14 днів тому
  • For the casuals that say it's a travel, he took his extra step while the ball is in the air still not in his possession during the dribble

    breadstickzzzzzzzbreadstickzzzzzzz14 днів тому
    • It was an amazing dunk, but he picked up the ball and then took 4 steps. Even tho he travelled, still a good dunk lmao

      ECBAshootingguard16ECBAshootingguard1613 днів тому
    • @Timon Rolleman It's not illegal in college or high school basketball either and allows greater speed in the game, which makes the game more exciting and fun to play.

      DistinctGADistinctGA13 днів тому
    • @M D M I do know how to play the game, and taking 4 steps (Because you ''havent yet collected the ball") aint it chief. Its commercial nonsense so that the NBA can get more monies, nothing more and nothing less. The shitty thing is that its also seeping into european basketball now. The zero step is now officially in the european rule-book too. That is why I care.....

      Timon RollemanTimon Rolleman13 днів тому
    • @Timon Rolleman Then don't watch or even play basketball if you can't accept that it is allowed. I play hoops and have seen people have done this so many times. All of these keyboard warriors need to get out there and learn how to play the game.

      M D MM D M13 днів тому
    • @DistinctGA The zero/gather steps are just ridiculous. I never said that in the NBA this is illegal. I said this should be illegal because its fuckin ridiculous.

      Timon RollemanTimon Rolleman13 днів тому
  • Pilay team, AD injury

    A N26A N2614 днів тому
  • Man Lakers need to fix their 3 pt percentage.

    Rafli Abimanyu AkbarRafli Abimanyu Akbar14 днів тому
  • He is 6'8 and that is not near the free throw line.... Any 6'8 dude can do that even in 50's....

    All RightAll Right14 днів тому
    • @Henstep ele I'm not but All Right says he himself can dunk from the free throw line

      Evan AshEvan Ash13 днів тому
    • False bro stop discrediting lebrons above average athleticism for his age chill dawg

      Henstep eleHenstep ele13 днів тому
    • @All Right free throw line dunk ok

      Evan AshEvan Ash13 днів тому
    • @Evan Ash sure I'll send you the video... So easy

      All RightAll Right13 днів тому
    • @All Right you do it then

      Evan AshEvan Ash13 днів тому
  • ok lefop

    Marco KwanMarco Kwan14 днів тому
  • DAMN’

    Dhum DoolyDhum Dooly14 днів тому
  • He on that juice again.

    Deki SonDeki Son14 днів тому
    • @BOY Bye ask Lebron, why he always lose a lot of his muscles during the off season.

      Deki SonDeki Son13 днів тому
    • Got proof?

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
    • Lmao

      KTheMVP !KTheMVP !14 днів тому
    • He been on it lmao

      OzzeeOzzee14 днів тому
  • Is he on steroids? Such athleticism!

    Sanjay KumarjhaSanjay Kumarjha14 днів тому
    • @chongy meister get proof fool

      BOY ByeBOY Bye13 днів тому
    • @chongy meister how?? Explain to me why. I will prove why you are wrong.

      Michael WMichael W13 днів тому
    • @jj lol lebron is amazing i get it but its very possible he is on PEDs ever since the Miami days...

      chongy meisterchongy meister14 днів тому
    • Just greatness

      jjjj14 днів тому
    • @chongy meister Ah okay

      Sanjay KumarjhaSanjay Kumarjha14 днів тому
  • People saying travel don’t know what a gather step is

    Lemuel LeoLemuel Leo14 днів тому
    • people who say travel know that it is travel and they just changed it recently with the introduction of the "zero" step.which does not make sense

      Ipe RosalesIpe Rosales14 днів тому
  • Year 18?? oh i don't think so

    Cj jamesCj james14 днів тому
  • Travel ^^ !!

    maxmax14 днів тому
    • what he throw the ball

      ILMACCILMACC14 днів тому
  • 4 steps after taking his final dribble. Wow

    Robert AyalaRobert Ayala14 днів тому
    • @yet coronel 😭😢😓

      Robert AyalaRobert Ayala14 днів тому
    • Obviously you don't know how to play

      yet coronelyet coronel14 днів тому
    • he throw the ball 0:26

      ILMACCILMACC14 днів тому