How to make a knife from wood - Art in your heart |02| - #shorts

16 лют 2021
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How to make a knife from wood - Art in your heart |02|

Track: Unknown Brain - Why Do I? (feat. Bri Tolani) [NCS Release]
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  • Plot twist: this video was desmonetized

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  • Just buy a knife from the market, it's faster and won't take several hours lol Also yes, I know this is fake

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  • So fake.

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  • Even grandma need some water. The mastermind should make water drops with wood and feed her (അണ്ണാക്കിൽ തിരുകി കൊടുക്കും)

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  • Bike was broke- Craft a wooder bike Car was broke- Craft a wooder car

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  • This is fake, sped up, staged, you cant literally just sneak up on an old woman and record them. And this doesn't even show how to make a knife from wood I'm confused

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  • Me- my ps5 is broken le dad- lets make wooden ps5

  • Me after the video: This is how to help Homeless people! And maybe stop corona? My sister: was is that women so old? Me:shut up, i want to see more people being nice not being idiots like you

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  • I like the fact they can buy a knife for 5$ and it will take 2-4 minutes to get to the store. But they need to spend 500$ on stuff and spend 1 hour making a knife worth 2$

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  • Okie i mean nice and all but dont just give stuff to random people ik yall are just acting but some people can be real poor people and some can be fake like you people have to think sometimes

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  • Awww I feel sad for the old lady if she needed help I would help her.

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