Free Fight: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje

31 гру 2020
14 350 158 Переглядів

Khabib Nurmagomedov returned at UFC 254 in October with his undefeated record on the line to face interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje in an emotional performance.
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  • I love khabib brother I need your grappling for a day to defeat my classmate, can you give me😅🤗

    Mr MunnaMr Munna29 хвилин тому
  • Shit ref

    bass windbass wind48 хвилин тому
  • Khabib did him dirty, purely dominated ❤️ Gaethje killed Tony Ferguson and broke his ribs, face and bones Khabib didn't punch gaethje as his parents are watching.🔥🔥 Is khabib a god's angel 👼

    Adnan AlimAdnan Alim2 години тому
  • these are real fucking fights miss me that jake paul ben askren shit

    Evo ModzEvo Modz3 години тому
  • something that eludes everyone's focus is when Gaethje tried to get back up from the triangle, Khabib pulls Gaethje's left leg to drop him back. after that, it was game over

    Freddie BarbarrossaFreddie Barbarrossa3 години тому
  • As a fight fan it impossible to respect and admire Justin gaethje

  • good wrestling, sloppy striking

    CR RiCR Ri4 години тому
  • I love khabib, geatjhe & dustin so respect.

    Aan NurAan Nur4 години тому
  • Chael Sonnen is what Khabib thinks he is... wait

    A kind TrollA kind Troll4 години тому
  • We need Mario Yamasaki back at ref I want gladiators fights 😤😤

    Young KhalifaYoung Khalifa5 годин тому
  • а че он заплакал в конце?

  • No shame in losing to khabib!

    Lass OrbLass Orb5 годин тому
  • Hampura khabib

    Farida PutriFarida Putri6 годин тому
  • Man I can only watch bouncing around for so long. Im.good on this one.

    Nathan HolmesNathan Holmes6 годин тому
  • wooow l love both.....@mila nong

    mila nongmila nong6 годин тому
  • Love both these fighters 👊🏽

    NV TVNV TV6 годин тому
  • no disfruto nada las peleas de khabib , no tengo nada en contra suya pero sus peleas son aburridas

    GooseeGoosee7 годин тому
  • Almost death:))

    Dicky DickDicky Dick8 годин тому
  • не интересно хабим не умеет дратся всю жизнь на полу

    Кирилл БурдовКирилл Бурдов8 годин тому
  • Khabib ❤️

    Nur A Arifin Haque RifatNur A Arifin Haque Rifat9 годин тому
  • 4:20 - Khabib doesn't get nearly enough credit for how much of a cast iron chin he has. That chin is a huge part of why he's 29-0... even Khabib has invariably taken a good number of hard shots to the chin, but they never seem to effect him too much. He just shakes it off and keeps coming at you. Crazy, if his chin wasn't so damn strong its hard to think someone wouldn't have gotten a bit lucky and timed a great counter punch like what Gaethje did here and knocked Khabib out cold. As it is, that body uppercut and left hook combo thrown by Gaethje was deadly. That right there would have floored 70% of fighters. There was major pop on both shots, and the hook rattled Khabib's head hard. Dude as tough as nails.

    kalorakalorakalorakalora9 годин тому
  • Khabib's first 15 opponents have a total of like 4 wins, and 29 losses. That's no lie. Their average record is 0 win and 3 loss. His 11th win was vs a guy who was 0-7. His 15th win was vs a guy who is 0-2. He fought nobody. Literally nobodies.

    Neil WattooNeil Wattoo11 годин тому
  • Cry like a child fight like a bear

    Strahl KennedyStrahl Kennedy12 годин тому
  • Never kouck down never bleed in the fight

    Asjad issathAsjad issath12 годин тому
  • Хабиб пропустил два боковых и сразу в клинч полез как бобо, а гэджи тормоз стоит и не бьет))

    Данил СеминДанил Семин13 годин тому
  • He rag dolled him like a schoolyard wasn't even close. Respect for Justin to walk into that at minefield. The ground game was a joke after all the hype about Justin's wresting was like me on my 4 yr old nephew ffs...totally outclassed

    DOCtor! EvilDOCtor! Evil13 годин тому
  • The tougher the challenges they put in front of him, the quicker he finished em all. Lightweight GOAT.

    Maggle!Maggle!13 годин тому
  • Khabib stemina and resisting power 👍👍👍👍...

    Atheist Patriot Vs ChauvinistAtheist Patriot Vs Chauvinist13 годин тому
  • I am the most embarrassed person to have supported conor vs khabib back then in 2018 Afterwards i just realized this man has all the right to do all what he did to conors team and gangster enough to do it , his power level is above any lightweight , his discipline is unbelievable , he has money enough for a small town but he doesnt throw it on women , crazy cars , drugs or roids . He embraces our religion and defends it , he showed everyone that its a really good religion based on his action and discipline Because of that discipline , hardworking and training is why he is so good and no lightweight can beat him He is the perfect fighter and now i am proud to say that he is my favourite fighter

    mb alfadlymb alfadly14 годин тому
  • Khabib just overwhelms and completely mind fucks his opponents as soon as the contest begins. It's done from the get gun.

    Sheldon EvansSheldon Evans16 годин тому
  • Aalhamdulilla ☝️

    unique gaming studiounique gaming studio16 годин тому
  • wow!

    nathan wancenathan wance17 годин тому
  • it's cause justin only has power when throwing haymakers. u need a deadly straight first, then your haymakers. your straight should be fast and powerful enough to knock them down in a single hit, then it opens all opportunities when they are scared of your fast straight. justin only had low sweeps and wide hooks. pretty easy once khabib figured that out.

    Azu ShiAzu Shi17 годин тому
  • khabib go to the mud fights

    alonso contrerasalonso contreras19 годин тому
  • fight standing

    alonso contrerasalonso contreras19 годин тому
    • crybaby

      alonso contrerasalonso contreras19 годин тому
  • that ref missed the tap four times ? really!

    william shermanwilliam sherman19 годин тому
  • i miss the dude i understand if he never competes again, hes earned it a million times but man, i wish hed fight some more what an emotional fight

    Chris BChris B19 годин тому
  • Сау бол ХАБИБ.👍👍.Салем Каракалпакстан..19 апрель.

    Axmet TuegalievAxmet Tuegaliev20 годин тому
  • Dude I believe Justin exposed Khabib holes in his game in this fight.

    BettaBeGood JrBettaBeGood Jr20 годин тому
  • That's the easiest $500k Ben has ever made Damn i would have taken fight for $500k, less than 1min of working for it 🤣🤣 People put Ben down, but hey he just made the fastest $500k in amateur boxing history 🤣🤣

    John PetanJohn Petan20 годин тому
  • I hope khabib dad goes to heaven

    Dad ChillDad Chill21 годину тому
  • When a wrestler starts throwing knees and front kicks at you, better think your strategy through 😆

    iare19iare1921 годину тому
  • I miss khabib, I hope he will always be healthy, Alhamdulillah

    Husain and IfaHusain and Ifa22 години тому
  • اكو عرب في الكومنتات

    1 spac1 spac23 години тому
  • Gaethje used all his stamina in the first round

    lougagagahlougagagah23 години тому
  • Гейдж красавчик.!!! И самый простой и самый лучий

    Админ 1Админ 1День тому
  • I am proud to say khabib is the ultra legend plus greatest of all time I do not support russia but I have to say that everyone face the truth lol I don't watch ufc khabib made me shock

    CyberRareXCyberRareXДень тому
  • I love You UFC 😤

    S A H I D G A M E RS A H I D G A M E RДень тому
  • Idk why everyone's starts to get dizzy when their opponent is khabib....

    Akshay PandeyAkshay PandeyДень тому
  • I am a Muslim

    Marina MaqboolMarina MaqboolДень тому
  • This fight is way better than Jake paul vs ben askren fight😂.

  • Most useless corner man "hey........S L O W I T D O W W W W W W N..shut up old man

    a r a na r a nДень тому
  • khabib so damn bad fighter xD he can only crawl like a smack down wrestler xD

    Nico SopranoNico SopranoДень тому
  • Хабиб сила

    Наргиза МамадияроваНаргиза МамадияроваДень тому
  • Khabib is just a legend , respect from morrocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦

    Mohamed 5Mohamed 5День тому
  • Masterclass. Gaethje's most effective strikes in this fight were the leg kicks, and Khabib timed it perfectly for the final takedown.

    Nathaniel LuzentalesNathaniel LuzentalesДень тому
  • Elhamdülillah.

    Mucahit İçenMucahit İçenДень тому
  • Justin looked fucked after round 1. Khabs walked away.

    H MiahH MiahДень тому
  • Percayalah pertolongan Allah itu akan datang

    Hilman NugrahaHilman NugrahaДень тому
  • *nick diaz voice* so we're cutting onions now? stockton!

    Ron McDonRon McDonДень тому
  • Xabib💪☝☝☝

    GameMasterGameMasterДень тому
  • Ну Хабиб красавчик

  • Good macan dunia

    Gunawan PGLGunawan PGLДень тому
  • 🦅🦅🦅

    Diah IsaDiah IsaДень тому
  • UFC has double standard for fighter, some fighter like Jon Jones has a title champion fight in a few winning streak because his hypetrain, and Khabib has a title champion fight after a lot winning streak, look Connor what numbers winning streak at lightweight? He has a hypetrain at featherweight, and suddenly he go to lightweight and UFC give him title champion lightweight ignoring Khabib and Tony Ferguson? If Khabib or Tony fame and a hypetrain like Jones and Connor on the first move at UFC, and UFC give him title shot from a few winning streak maybe he will defense a lot title champ, Khabib famous after Connors defeat that has two title champ, thats why a lot people think Khabib its a late Champ, and knowing he is a goat from others parameter. The Goat its just not about title defense, we will say Jones have a lucky shot in his first move at UFC about the title

    Willya RabbaniWillya RabbaniДень тому
  • I had to rewatch this fight to forget the Ben Askren vs Jake Paul embarrassing match

    Faisal The FenrirFaisal The FenrirДень тому
    • That was fake boxing this shit real fam

      Miguel RodriguezMiguel Rodriguez2 години тому
    • Hhahhahaa im fucking chocked, best comment ever

      iskandar rashidiiskandar rashidi4 години тому
    • 🤣🤣lol bruhhh

      Gaurav SharmaGaurav Sharma4 години тому
    • 😂😂

      kris lokris lo11 годин тому
  • GOAT

    Benja CárdenasBenja CárdenasДень тому
  • GOAT

    AbduppleAbduppleДень тому
  • It's a beast, incredible.

    Cristian David Maldonado FonsecaCristian David Maldonado FonsecaДень тому
  • People say there are levels to this game, which is true; however, stars align for those who attempt greatness. Khabib was unstoppable this night. Amazing, amazing, performance! Respect from the 505 Justin! Congrats Khabib!

    Gabriel MartinezGabriel MartinezДень тому
  • can we get that "strikes landed" overlay like... all the time?

    JakcsonJakcsonДень тому
  • Number one in the world the man with all due respect to him a strong brave man and the hero of the world I love Khabib successfully always

    DJ Avi KerenDJ Avi KerenДень тому
  • But respect for justin !!!!!!!!!

    zwaar masterzwaar masterДень тому
  • First round justin only 25% power 😀😀 ,, khabib 400% power

    zwaar masterzwaar masterДень тому
  • Impressive how Khabib finished his last fight of his career!

    Fun Tube!Fun Tube!День тому
  • Justin fought a horrible fight. Seriously he gave khabib way to much respect.

    Denesh BhaskarDenesh BhaskarДень тому

  • Tbh he's good but he knows the division and guys he fought have improved. I feel like he ran and this def wasn't the toughest fight for him

    Jared StaudiglJared StaudiglДень тому
  • Iv never seen Justin gas so fast in my life.

    Stock Market GeorgeStock Market GeorgeДень тому
  • Justin was so ready and focused for this fight. But Khabib literally walked through him. Insane. I hope he comes back for 1 more....

    Stock Market GeorgeStock Market GeorgeДень тому
  • 29 is a good number for khabib. its prime, unlinke any other.

    Peter LearyPeter LearyДень тому
  • Love Khabib

    Ruang ArsyRuang ArsyДень тому
  • Habib had a lot on his mind. He was just trying to get that fight over with. Overwhelming grief.

    Wrestling AccountWrestling AccountДень тому
  • "I keep punching him but he keeps coming back for more!"

    Jean XzaJean XzaДень тому
  • Khabib running through the punches like Tony eats Cheerios ! Fearless...

    John ChapolJohn ChapolДень тому
  • I hate when khabib getting hurt he always going to the ground like what🙄😡 stay up end fight like a men hes overrated 😏

    Teo GhemeaTeo Ghemea2 дні тому
    • Casual😂😂

      Abdi KilasAbdi Kilas14 годин тому
    • @yeyo1990 u forgot that doesn't matter how strong u are there's always someone stronger 😂 it applies to everyone!😏 have a great day!

      Teo GhemeaTeo GhemeaДень тому
    • #Casuals

      Musa OfficialMusa OfficialДень тому
    • It's called MMA for a reason, he is perhaps the only man in the history of combat sports to go undefeated and not take any damage or bleed against an opponent. His dominance will become legend and folklore.

      yeyo1990yeyo1990День тому
  • DO NOT let Khabib get you down. Otherwise, Gaethje could have got him.

    dak9554dak95542 дні тому
  • туфта бой

    Planet _X9Planet _X92 дні тому
  • I must have watched this finish 30 times. It's literally fucking crazy how good he is

    JimiMcraeJimiMcrae2 дні тому
    • How fast he gets on his back to choking him out is actually scary. He's so quick and yet built like a rock. Pray i never have to face anyone like that in a street fight, I'd be sent to the hospital with multiple injuries. 😰

      S†. Clou†S†. Clou†15 годин тому
  • Isn't it poetic that jon anik was the one to interview him post his first fight and last fight.

    Altamash sameerAltamash sameer2 дні тому
  • goat

    Paul NatalzPaul Natalz2 дні тому
  • I don't believe Justin did as bad as people imply. The leg kicks were definitely adding up and he was landing some nice hooks. Khabib jab, an pressure was really the factor that tired Justin out. Once it was on the ground tho, you saw the difference. Justin just practiced take down defense and not being on the ground. I wish Khabib kept fighting cause I can't call him the goat, but he's for sure a top 10 fighter of all time.

  • nobody talks about Khabibs chin, greatest chin ever, everytime hes been "hurt" it was honestly just commentary overreacting. GOAT.

    Chris AlanChris Alan2 дні тому
  • great great fighter, but do it 11 more times then we'll talk greatest

    Adam AlvaAdam Alva2 дні тому
  • fucking hell. this was scary. khabib was like a shadow, pressuring justin

    Idris ShahIdris Shah2 дні тому
  • Khabib is the best

    Merzai KhongerMerzai Khonger2 дні тому
  • I suspect Justin was actually very nervous/psyched out going into this. He offered no resistance to the takedown in the second round at all... Adrenal fatigue imo

    man frombritainman frombritain2 дні тому

    Alan AlanovAlan Alanov2 дні тому
  • 🦅🦅🦅

    ogie decorogie decor2 дні тому
  • Gaethje is underrated

    Pretty BoyPretty Boy2 дні тому