D.O. 디오 '괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That's okay)' Live Clip

25 січ 2021
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🎬괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That's okay) MV: ukworld.info/main/v-deo/oJiVs5ex1JuIgKs.html
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  • I love You Kyungsoo so much more♡♡

    Sania LambeSania Lambe5 хвилин тому
  • Good

    Niosha JNiosha J33 хвилини тому
  • sultagei suljogan~~~~~~huhuhuhu iloveyouuuu

    Vanessa AyingVanessa Aying35 хвилин тому
  • Lop yuuuu

    Tari NurmayantiTari Nurmayanti40 хвилин тому
  • We miss you !!! Welcome back

    Mon ExolMon Exol41 хвилина тому
  • Park Chanyeol and Doh Kyungsoo's solo album is exactly what I need in my absolutely toxic life.

    Violet 21Violet 21Годину тому
  • Im sorry for late watching you saranghae idol i miss you

    Chara IsananChara IsananГодину тому
  • If you don't want the road that you are taking the people you meet along the way change route and turn on another road that leads you to a better life

    My Penguin D.O KyungsooMy Penguin D.O KyungsooГодину тому
  • Most Warmful voice i've eber heard

    Jehain SalemJehain SalemГодину тому
  • :O

    cosmic lattecosmic latteГодину тому
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    こГодину тому
  • Wow exo lovoyuo

    lisa jankoklisa jankokГодину тому
  • SM..pls let kyungsoo sing ya ya ya in english for his solo album🙏

    ariaariaГодину тому
  • I know that you are busy preparing for DKS1. I just want to tell you that I miss you. Fighting! ♡♡♡

    Mar De GuzmanMar De GuzmanГодину тому
  • I miss you

    Mai SooMai SooГодину тому
  • Kangen kamu Kyungsoo ah huhuhu

    pratiwi yustika rinipratiwi yustika rini2 години тому
  • 4.484

    Tirza LidyaTirza Lidya2 години тому
  • Yeah

    Messy may DiniMessy may Dini2 години тому
  • Eri always waiting u

    Weni NurWeni Nur2 години тому
  • Road to 5M before his solo albuum✨✨

    Rocelle Delos SantosRocelle Delos Santos2 години тому
  • I am sad so I am here

    exo L1485exo L14852 години тому
  • miss you :(

    Louise MagharingLouise Magharing3 години тому
  • حبكممم

    يآ طراميز خلااص صرعتونا بــ نباحكم 𓍯.يآ طراميز خلااص صرعتونا بــ نباحكم 𓍯.4 години тому
  • ♡♡♡♡

    pcy bbhpcy bbh4 години тому
  • That apahaji sounds so good ♥

    Anushree AradhyaAnushree Aradhya5 годин тому
  • I wait until Kyungsoo comeback

    Che SyakirahChe Syakirah5 годин тому
  • Please solo album 😊

    สุรัตนาสุรัตนา5 годин тому
  • I Love Kyungsoo

    cherrykyungcherrykyung6 годин тому
  • Kyungsoo leave SM

    Saa NaaSaa Naa7 годин тому
  • Idk why im crying i dont even know the english lyrics 😭 he sings with so much emotion that i dont even care if i dont understand anything this is just a magnificent beautiful masterpiece 😭😭 damn now i know y exols are just as loyal

    Angelica B.Angelica B.7 годин тому
  • As someone new to Exo world i was never interessed by them until I heard D.O's voice. Do Kyungsoo is really one of the greatest voice of his generation and i can't wait for the album

    SwiiizSwiiiz7 годин тому
  • EXO's future wives will be so lucky . How pathetic to dream that I can be the one for D.O. . Even so, I wish happiness for him and his members will support then no matter what as long as they are happy hope that they can find a girl who deserves them. ❤️

    My Penguin D.O KyungsooMy Penguin D.O Kyungsoo7 годин тому
  • D.o. my favorit boy

    Bintang finensia patandungBintang finensia patandung7 годин тому
  • Wooow. Very Beautiful.

    Kim NyūsuKim Nyūsu7 годин тому
  • Never knew i needed this

    Rizki IdestiRizki Idesti8 годин тому
  • Kelapa sawit sebagai sumber penghasil minyak nabati memegang peranan penting bagi perekonomian negara. Penanaman kelapa sawit umumnya dilakukan di negara dengan beriklim tropis yang memiliki curah hujan yang cukup tinggi

    CR XZCR XZ8 годин тому
  • ♡♡

    flatt tflatt t8 годин тому
  • 5M

    Kolo KoloKolo Kolo8 годин тому
  • The truth is, your voice relaxes me a lot, I love you. 💗

    Vannko0kieVannko0kie8 годин тому

    Warin ThanakitWarin Thanakit8 годин тому
  • We all are eagerly waiting for your album.. Please please please SM give us EXO comeback or kyungsoo solo album. EXO Saranghachaa.

    Kpop SaranghaeKpop Saranghae8 годин тому
  • Thank-you

    A GJMA GJM9 годин тому
  • I Just love him so much It hurts

    Iohanis AylaIohanis Ayla9 годин тому
  • Is it just me who prefer this live more than the studio version? I dont know why but this version got a special place in my heart than the original version. Maybe because this video is a proof that he came back, rather than the original where I legit cried in sadness before when i watched it because that served as his farewell before going to the military But whatever, this ver. Really hits different to me

    린Lyn린Lyn10 годин тому
    • I honestly also prefer this version a lot. Maybe because we can also feel the connection of his live vocals more with our souls. The original version is really really beautiful but in this video and version, we can also hear some of his runs which we can't really hear in the original version. And ofcourse Kyungsoo is in the video as well.😅🤍

      penguin kyungiepenguin kyungieГодину тому
  • dengerin suara dan liat mukanya do kyungsoo adalah self healing terbaiqsss

    Eva Rahma FitrianiEva Rahma Fitriani10 годин тому
  • Por fin, nuestro hermoso Kyungsoo, volvió. 😭😭😭😭

    Nadia YacaniNadia Yacani11 годин тому
  • miss my boy

    Theint Thu Thu AungTheint Thu Thu Aung11 годин тому

    아이유아이유11 годин тому
  • This is the kind of voice you can listen to when you're on mood and repeating it more than 50x in a row.

    7th Hokage7th Hokage12 годин тому
  • Fera MarlindaFera Marlinda12 годин тому
  • 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Exo SaranghajaExo Saranghaja12 годин тому
  • Nice song

    Hars debbarma FFHars debbarma FF12 годин тому
  • Cantar muito biz muito talentoso 🌺

    Larissa OliveiraLarissa Oliveira13 годин тому
  • 가사도 참 좋구나.~♥

    이은영이은영13 годин тому

    nicolenicole13 годин тому
  • Still wait Kyungsoo update 😊

    Saa NaaSaa Naa14 годин тому
  • Where are you now

    Do KyungSooDo KyungSoo14 годин тому
  • am i the only one who waves at the screen at 3:25

    Trisha MacasTrisha Macas14 годин тому
  • I love you

    Mai SooMai Soo14 годин тому
  • Sayaaaang

    Takata MashihoTakata Mashiho15 годин тому
  • Go 5M!

    nauraaanauraaa15 годин тому
  • His beautiful voiceㅠㅠ

    Bita FBita F15 годин тому
  • Can't wait for his solo album*__*

    Bita FBita F16 годин тому
  • Our angel*_*

    Bita FBita F16 годин тому
  • Omgggg his voiceㅠㅠ

    Bita FBita F16 годин тому
  • رايحة اسمع الmv الأصلي انا صرلي فترة ساحبة عليه🏃‍♀️

    J a n eJ a n e16 годин тому
  • can't wait to see what kyungsoo has in store for us on his solo album ♥♥

    Lovely LoeyLovely Loey16 годин тому
  • welcome back kyungsoo we've missed you're beautiful voice ♥♥

    Lovely LoeyLovely Loey16 годин тому
  • تعقيم سمعي وبصري من طرف ملك من فرقة الملوك Moroccan EXO-L

    kim Fayzokim Fayzo17 годин тому
  • حبيب قلبنا الموهوب اغنية الشفاء خاصتنا الحلوة Moroccan EXO-L

    kim Fayzokim Fayzo17 годин тому
  • When you find your happiness pill take it everyday for a better life❤️

    My Penguin D.O KyungsooMy Penguin D.O Kyungsoo17 годин тому
  • Maskuuuu

    Debbie PutriDebbie Putri17 годин тому
  • Can’t wait to hear more music and watch more dramas from you. Your work is amazing Kyungsoo! Thank you for all of your hard work that helps me to get through difficult days.

    Brenda YangBrenda Yang19 годин тому
  • 4.458.709

    Fexi Huseynov1212Fexi Huseynov121219 годин тому
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    Kartu TriKartu Tri20 годин тому
  • ukworld.info/main/v-deo/oc5mj5nSqnyDmHU.html

    Kartu TriKartu Tri20 годин тому
  • ukworld.info/main/v-deo/oc5mj5nSqnyDmHU.html

    Kartu TriKartu Tri20 годин тому
  • ukworld.info/main/v-deo/oc5mj5nSqnyDmHU.html

    Kartu TriKartu Tri20 годин тому
  • 4,457,058

    Jy GJy G21 годину тому
  • Do i love you ❤️❤️

    Fadk AliFadk Ali21 годину тому
  • i can’t wait for the next song from kyungsoo

    Axdeycz AxdeyczAxdeycz Axdeycz21 годину тому
  • Can't wait for solo album

    Jenny OngJenny Ong22 години тому
  • IiiiiiLllloooovvveee youuuuu

    Fatima AliFatima Ali22 години тому
  • Me alegra y emociona que Kyungsoo también esté recibiendo reconocimiento como cantante. Kyungsoo tiene una voz única y bella.

    Rox PeMuRox PeMu22 години тому
  • Kgn bgt

    Silvie AdeSilvie Ade23 години тому
  • ♡♡

    pcy bbhpcy bbhДень тому
  • It's okay to be okay

    SheelaSheelaДень тому
  • D.O is not My Bias , but I really Love him so much, i love D.O Voice and i really like this song my favourite listening before i sleep at night

    Jhoylyn CasianoJhoylyn CasianoДень тому
  • I love you

    Park ChanyeolPark ChanyeolДень тому
  • me encanto el significado de la canción y la voz te trasmite una sensación de trnquilidad su voz es hermosa

    Daniela LizanoDaniela LizanoДень тому
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ D.O!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

    Marjorie CornillezMarjorie CornillezДень тому
  • Do i like it so much

    Rohan SmnRohan SmnДень тому
  • Miss you Doh Kyungsoo 😔😔

    Ririz YanyanRiriz YanyanДень тому
  • رجعنا انطهر مثل الاول 😭🤏💖

  • we stan a king

    Marian ReyMarian ReyДень тому
  • It's very long and tiring day for me. And I'm so sleepy. But i choose to play this song to put me to sleep. It's my comfort song and lullaby after the long tiring day.

    CresettCresettДень тому
  • ukworld.info/main/v-deo/b-B5y2uTuW5maZs.html

  • Ye 4akk men zeyn l7es

    Mina ArmyMina ArmyДень тому
  • ♡♡♡♡♡

    Rony Ahmed exo_lRony Ahmed exo_lДень тому
  • I love you

    BessyBessyДень тому