Brushing With a Banana Toothbrush #shorts

1 кві 2021
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    Ii I iIi I i7 хвилин тому
  • ไ*******

    Ii I iIi I i7 хвилин тому
  • My Little Brother Littarly Have this When Hes a Baby-

    Waloeh JuWaloeh Ju27 хвилин тому
  • Bruh my dog and my little cousin using that

    Myel jake HermosoMyel jake Hermoso59 хвилин тому
  • Gkd

    Destine maeden VictorianoDestine maeden VictorianoГодину тому
  • It's a teething brush lol

    Taylor RatliffTaylor RatliffГодину тому
  • Those are who baby chewing

    Kler TawKler Taw2 години тому
  • Hufx morning 🤗

    haley Muahaley Mua2 години тому
  • Me:claen my room My mom: ok

    Claen my RoomClaen my Room2 години тому
  • Ofc it not gon clean your teeth well it meant for babies with tiny teeth 😂

    Travis_08Travis_082 години тому
  • My baby brother has that lol

    Miley BirdsongMiley Birdsong2 години тому
  • This toothbrush is perfect for a minion

    •Baby Indo Rex And Rexy••Baby Indo Rex And Rexy•2 години тому
  • It’s a baby teathing thing

    Sugar_iceSugar_ice3 години тому
  • Please do pink and purple

    Ada FryAda Fry3 години тому
  • That’s for baby’s

    aleda guerreraleda guerrer3 години тому
  • 😂

    Fausto CaguanaFausto Caguana3 години тому
  • You are so good. Can you pin my comment 🙏

    Aadithyan DileepAadithyan Dileep3 години тому
  • I love you

    Cleiton CostaCleiton Costa3 години тому
  • Who seems that the disclosing times is more satisfying

    YupVenkuBoiYupVenkuBoi3 години тому
  • Dude that is litteraly my baby brother's toy kinda thing he always keeps it in his mouth

    Jyothi BasineniJyothi Basineni3 години тому
  • Kinda sus

    QR AzturQR Aztur4 години тому
  • It’s disclosing time

    The Viking aka DJ GamingThe Viking aka DJ Gaming4 години тому
    • Weeee into the mouth

      The Viking aka DJ GamingThe Viking aka DJ Gaming4 години тому
  • It's not a toothbrush that's for babies to chew on

    wake amberwake amber4 години тому
  • Isn’t that for a baby that’s teething? Or am I just dumb?

    Naomi MoraNaomi Mora4 години тому
  • That's a baby toothbrush because my mom got that at Walmart for my brother

    Nat NatNat Nat4 години тому
  • Bro that sound whenbhe puts thatbpurple thing in his mouth was awsome

    šhåow xx staršhåow xx star4 години тому
  • Делаю лайфхаки!!!

    Саша Тв новости и блогерСаша Тв новости и блогер4 години тому
  • Ewwwww I would never do that

    Marta RamirezMarta Ramirez5 годин тому
  • That's a baby theether

    Rhonda YarbroughRhonda Yarbrough5 годин тому
  • Duse it tast deskusting

    Kaydence LandKaydence Land5 годин тому
  • I will give that a 10/10

    Carlson DavidCarlson David5 годин тому
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Zavyer BillsZavyer Bills5 годин тому
  • With the banana 😮😮😮

    Heaven AllenHeaven Allen6 годин тому
  • I saw this at target and it say it was for babies

    Jai WattsJai Watts6 годин тому
  • The banana toothbrush is trash because it brush slowly its0/10

    Pikaposter Gaming and memesPikaposter Gaming and memes6 годин тому
  • this guy needs to stop showing on my shorts and say "fat glob"

    Flower ToadFlower Toad6 годин тому

    Gachac GirlGachac Girl6 годин тому
  • Ew

    Monique VelascoMonique Velasco6 годин тому
  • OK it's not what it looks like.. Its just a toothbrush.. Uh nothing else.................. 🙂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

    britaniel Maxwellbritaniel Maxwell6 годин тому
  • Hi

    KaDhen StrebelKaDhen Strebel6 годин тому
  • I love these videos

    Crystal EadsCrystal Eads6 годин тому
  • That is the most sus thing ever

    Baby yoda OfficialBaby yoda Official6 годин тому
  • I wonder what the purple thing taste like

    Adrianna DeschermeierAdrianna Deschermeier6 годин тому
  • But this toothbrush is not for babies/kids??

    Ísis PailÍsis Pail7 годин тому
  • Your videos are always in such a good loop it always gets me

    MagooMagoo7 годин тому
  • That’s a teething toy.. my son has the same one.

    Lily AlexanderLily Alexander7 годин тому
  • Literally your using a baby toothbrush

    Biel CayananBiel Cayanan7 годин тому
  • I think that's for baby's XD

    Alisha HuntAlisha Hunt7 годин тому
  • To me it's how you brush your teeth

    Blessing AguhBlessing Aguh7 годин тому
  • How do you even use that-

    Pasta le NoobPasta le Noob7 годин тому
  • Him: brushing his teeth with a banana toothbrush Me: it's to short it must be longer

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss7 годин тому
  • Play terrible yeah probably takes terrible

    Tasha MoonTasha Moon7 годин тому
  • Small Glob-> -

    Edking 44Edking 448 годин тому
  • 🤩🎉🎊

    Danna VazquezDanna Vazquez8 годин тому
  • Nobody:Ha you have no bunananananan me:shut up I have a bunch of banananananannanannnnanzzzzz lol

    Sheila MatthewsSheila Matthews8 годин тому
  • Aye how I have that!?!?

    Sheila MatthewsSheila Matthews8 годин тому
  • This is wy fishy army is better than bannanas

    Germina BlancGermina Blanc8 годин тому
  • Don't tell me you expected something else

    poporo popspoporo pops8 годин тому
  • 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

    Kathleena Longboat-ThomasKathleena Longboat-Thomas8 годин тому
  • The banana toothbrush is actually for babies and toddlers to help with teething

    April AutumnApril Autumn8 годин тому
  • Everyone literally everyone: Am I the only one who noticed there is a loop their mind:UwU I am so quirky. Me:No your not look at the comments did you even read them -_-

    Satsune -GachaSatsune -Gacha9 годин тому
  • My dude is very glasses bro

    AhmadAhmad9 годин тому
  • Why does he make his teeth purple

    KnightKnight9 годин тому
  • Question does disclosing tablets taste like anything if so is it good or bad

    mrbeast6000mrbeast60009 годин тому
  • amo tus videos

    Hugo Del curtoHugo Del curto9 годин тому
  • Yo that's a baby teether not a toothbrush.

    Roman VillarrealRoman Villarreal9 годин тому
  • NO

    انوار عسيريانوار عسيري9 годин тому
  • And btw that's so small can't whole

    undead 700undead 7009 годин тому
  • There is stilling more colouring in the teeth hole

    undead 700undead 7009 годин тому
  • Yes

    shaun machinshaun machin9 годин тому
  • It’s like a loop

    Desert View GlassDesert View Glass9 годин тому
  • The reason why the banana toothless didn’t work because it’s a baby toy

    Kristy espinosaKristy espinosa9 годин тому
  • Just to be honest I think the toothpaste tastes SUPER GOOD to the point I will ONLY brush my teeth with that toothpaste (I have that toothpate)

    Emma PierardEmma Pierard10 годин тому
  • me:watches Me two seconds later when I see MY toothpaste:EE-i hope this works good

    Emma PierardEmma Pierard10 годин тому
  • Fwi thats a teether my 7 month old brother has the same exact thing

    Adopt Me TradesAdopt Me Trades10 годин тому
  • Something white on a banana Me and the boys: *realising the thing and gets happy*

    FatBruhGodFatBruhGod10 годин тому
  • I love it when he says it’s disclosing time and crunches that thing it’s soooooooo satisfying. What is he crunching anyway?

    Shayan VekariyaShayan Vekariya10 годин тому
  • You have glasses👁👄👁

    Analisah Garcia-CantuAnalisah Garcia-Cantu10 годин тому
  • Why are his teeth always restained

    PhenixPhenix11 годин тому
  • I’d rather not have that and plus why would you have banana and toothpaste together it’s disgusting 🤮

    Cookiebee CookiebeeCookiebee Cookiebee11 годин тому
  • BaNaNa

    Acnh EditsAcnh Edits11 годин тому
  • How bad did it taste

    Susan MuthuiSusan Muthui11 годин тому
  • Its used for dogs

    Kripto_exeKripto_exe11 годин тому
  • Is anyone not going to mention it’s a teething device for baby’s, my niece has one. Oof

    Emerson BurgeiEmerson Burgei12 годин тому
  • Wow

    Skyelyn AndresSkyelyn Andres12 годин тому
  • Thats for babies and so that they have something to chew on

    Juan calderonJuan calderon12 годин тому
  • 49 mil for Brushing teeth don’t you just love it

  • Or for teething

    Kayleen MarquezKayleen Marquez12 годин тому
  • Hi

    Bianca RasoBianca Raso12 годин тому
  • That's not a tooth brush, my brother has that and it's a baby toy

    Kayleen MarquezKayleen Marquez12 годин тому
  • you do know thats for teething toddlers

    liesje whitehouseliesje whitehouse12 годин тому

    henry zaragahenry zaraga12 годин тому
  • Didn't know that was a tooth brush for adults when buying it for my 6 month old daughter with teething problems

    Danglin WangDanglin Wang12 годин тому
  • that is literally a teething toy 😂

    Bryn ShermanBryn Sherman12 годин тому
  • Sus

    Udayan DhareshwarUdayan Dhareshwar12 годин тому

    Agron AgushiAgron Agushi13 годин тому
  • I’ve always wondered: what does the disclosing pill taste like?

    Carly ACarly A13 годин тому
  • Bannana

    Roxy WinterburnRoxy Winterburn13 годин тому
  • Thats not a thootbrush its a theeting ring my baby sis has one

    Surianna BalkissoonSurianna Balkissoon13 годин тому