Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley: Raw, Feb. 22, 2021

22 лют 2021
3 373 290 Переглядів

Braun Strowman challenges Bobby Lashley for the right to earn his way into Lashley’s WWE Championship Match against The Miz next week on Raw. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Pice of garbage brown😭 wanna see match, Brock vs Bobby?

  • drama company....

    Susanta GiriSusanta GiriГодину тому
  • Lashley straight beast mode 💪

    Domenic AndrianoDomenic Andriano3 години тому
  • WWE should give Bobby Lashley the push that he deserves, and give him a title run, they shouldn't waste his talent.

    sokin jonsokin jon3 години тому
  • Strowman stole bradshaw's close line from hell

    gdk gdkgdk gdk3 години тому
  • This Game os more scripted than Fifa 21

    Braco McAnniBraco McAnni5 годин тому
  • Damn bobby was one of my favs like 10 years ago he still looks great

    erick martinezerick martinez6 годин тому
  • mas malakas si goldberg

    Rachelle TagaoRachelle Tagao7 годин тому
    • Miz is the wwe champion in nobody seems to notice. are care days how domination lashley been lately put wwe tittle on the new face of power house the almighty Bobby lash

      sokin jonsokin jon3 години тому
  • Bobby will win

    Lemuel Ben IsraelLemuel Ben Israel7 годин тому
  • Super Bobby Lashley I can not believe The Power

    david kristendavid kristen9 годин тому
  • Lashley has always looked the same. Never lost a step

    Phenomenal clasherPhenomenal clasher9 годин тому
  • It's always good to see Braun lose clean.

    Ahmed Al KathiriAhmed Al Kathiri10 годин тому
  • omg lashley kicked out announcer was gold, i watched this probably a million times lashely is it

    Leem WillsLeem Wills13 годин тому
  • Dunno if the title change will happen tomorrow, but if it doesn't, there's always Fastlane which takes place in a few weeks.

    ShaunShaun14 годин тому
  • All the space know that he's the best powerhouse in 2020

    Monster WWEMonster WWE16 годин тому
  • Wow this is good I want someone to talk to anyone here ?

    Ella JamesElla James17 годин тому
  • Funny look like they're setting up for Bobby Lashley go against Brock Lesnar

    Corey WilliamsCorey Williams17 годин тому
  • Pushing Lashley: we want Burying Strowman:we don't want

    Jordana LarsonJordana Larson19 годин тому
  • Next week on RAW: WWE Title match between the Miz and Lashley. McIntyre interferes and attacks lashley for causing him the title. Match goes no contest. This sets up a triple threat title match at Fastlane for wwe title.

    Jack LiuJack Liu19 годин тому
  • I would love this bobby destroy roman reigns

    Jack LiuJack Liu19 годин тому
  • Novo campeão da WWE

    Ronaldo MartinsRonaldo Martins20 годин тому
  • Miz is the wwe champion in nobody seems to notice. are care days how domination lashley been lately put wwe tittle on the new face of power house the almighty Bobby lashley

    Leon resident evil conLeon resident evil con21 годину тому
  • Great for Bobby but let's be honest vinxe has ruined strawman talent

    Jason DewhurstJason Dewhurst21 годину тому
  • This is the Bobby Lashley I always wanted, a MERCILESS BEAST.

    SPSSPS21 годину тому
  • The Miz better have a strategy

    ShameDJ5ShameDJ522 години тому
  • roman reigns vs bobby lashley wwe champ vs universal champ survivor series 2022 make it happen wwe.

    derek hazukaderek hazuka23 години тому
  • Pls i need miz still wwe pls

    Majd SalhabMajd SalhabДень тому
  • Strowman es el mejor

    Gustavo EspinosaGustavo EspinosaДень тому

    Vijay KoriVijay KoriДень тому
  • This was a full fix(planned) match

    Piyush TiwariPiyush TiwariДень тому
  • Wow

    Mandip singh DeepMandip singh DeepДень тому
  • Strowman attack Bobby in wwe championship against miz

    Sujith.SSujith.SДень тому
  • Good

    sushil officialsushil officialДень тому
  • This is the real bobby leshly and the next big thing after Brock Lesnar 🔥

    mikea hiooimikea hiooiДень тому

    Rayvans CapiliRayvans CapiliДень тому
  • Next week we will be see who is the real hell, Drew be kick everyone on the ring

    Sok VandySok VandyДень тому
    • Tinju

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiДень тому
  • Top lashley

    ilenia imbrendailenia imbrendaДень тому
  • Bobi ♥️♥️

    Shankar KandariShankar KandariДень тому
  • Bobby lashley is the most dangerous powerful beast same as a Brock Lesnar

    STORY360 ProSTORY360 ProДень тому
  • 3.1k kids are dislike this

    Deepak KumarDeepak KumarДень тому
  • This is very sad script for me

    Mahendra NagarMahendra NagarДень тому

    Aditya JamatiaAditya JamatiaДень тому
  • Wait wtf happened to Strowman? Is he a jobber now? 2016-2018 Strowman was a beast.

    Sonia AliSonia AliДень тому
  • Bobby has 2 sets of shoulders and I can't unsee it

    Courtney JCourtney JДень тому
  • I bet 1000 he looses next week to the miz how has miz beem a 3 time wwe champion but bobby hasn't won one time

    jason berryjason berryДень тому
  • braun strowman angry 😡😡😡😡😡

    Herry AbbasiHerry AbbasiДень тому
  • Any school college friend's here

    daniels xxxdaniels xxxДень тому
  • Strowman jumped up to help Lashley deliver the slam perfectly.

    Jiro Emon ChannelJiro Emon ChannelДень тому
    • Hello jiro

      Monica GregMonica GregДень тому
  • Let’s go Lashley!!

    ILL State FishingILL State FishingДень тому
  • If lashley wins next week, the three guys at the top will all be looking for a spear, bring goldberg into it to so we can have a spear off XD

    AshplagueAshplagueДень тому
  • The creative team have screwed up by having Miz cash in his Money in the Bank and win the title from Drew McIntyre. Yeah it was unexpected but that doesn't automatically make it a good decision. They've now had Bobby Lashley pretty much squash Braun Strowman elevating him that bit more as a dominant force, but Miz is just not anywhere in the same league as a devastating opponent. What's being showcased as one of the major main events should have been two power titans colliding in the ring with McIntyre (The man who brought down the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar) Vs Lashley. Superman vs Zod. Instead we're getting Superman vs Lex Luthor.

    Robert McElwaineRobert McElwaineДень тому
  • Tinju

    Divan NenobaisDivan NenobaisДень тому
  • I hope to God this man has the WWE Title Belt next Monday! It's Bobby Lashley's time!

    KJKJДень тому
  • Ik braun is stronger then bobby

    Angel RodriguezAngel RodriguezДень тому
  • Bobby Lashley unleashed!

    Ade TimAde TimДень тому
  • After a long, long time, finally I get to see a spear that matches the intensity of Goldberg's spear.. Bobby lashley is one powerful man and I have really admired him from the very beginning! WWE didn't give him a fair chance in the beginning!! He's really a legit fighter, his UFC fights show that capability of his!!....

    Abhijit MishraAbhijit MishraДень тому
  • Finally

    HaisamHaisamДень тому
  • This was a fix match. Strowman hardly gives up like this. I bet come Monday Strowman will not let Lashley win the title and a feud will start

    AmritAmritДень тому
    • @Lovely Minx lol haha

      AmritAmritДень тому
    • You think this match was fixed? My god wait until you find out it's all scripted and predetermined...oops I gave it away 👀🙈🙊

      Lovely MinxLovely MinxДень тому
  • Get this boBBy lasHLeY!!!

    Rinku MajumderRinku MajumderДень тому
  • The actions of Bobby Lashley says it right there the Miz is going to lose that title against Lashley

    Elijah AdegbayiElijah AdegbayiДень тому
  • The true Lashley is back.

    Power100Power100День тому
  • I think vince goona screw the momentum what raw's witness due to bobby. Drew is a great machine, but bobby has something which alwys changing the moment. If brock making a comeback than yes book the match btwn brock v/s lashley. Bt drew mechantire is the real synosure, it will intrstng how raw goona shape in upcoming episode

    chandan roy nirvanachandan roy nirvanaДень тому
  • Bobby lashly is the most under rated superstar. He deserve more. Brock, john cena, bobby lashly, brown strawman, randy ortan are the real face of wwe.

    Ankit DyeoniaAnkit DyeoniaДень тому
  • Bobby Ladhly's theme music is kinda same as Io shirai's.

    メ THE෴MAN メメ THE෴MAN メДень тому
  • Its about time for WWE to book Bobby Lashley as a monster main enventer. Bobby in real fight is more more better fighter than Brock Lesnar. I cant see it why Brock was been so over pushed when he wasnt that dominant in real fight at all.

    Rafael VillamorRafael VillamorДень тому
  • Wow lovely 👌

    paramjeet singhparamjeet singhДень тому
  • Real Monster Slayer bobby Leshley

    JR HNJR HNДень тому
  • I don’t even watch WWE no more but Bobby Lashley is Unreal😲😲

    RonnieRonnieДень тому
  • The Spear of Bobby Lashley looks dreadful. :I

    anjo benzonanjo benzon2 дні тому
  • Bobby can lift strowman up wooooo 😱

    Oindie IsaOindie Isa2 дні тому
  • My dream is to see Lashley vs Lesnar

    Payal SharmaPayal Sharma2 дні тому
  • This is like pilot episode of "How Lashley Sent Me To The Emergency Room"

    alida flusalida flus2 дні тому
  • I cannot believe this, how can he be the next Big Show if loses like this... 😒

    Rononoa ZoroRononoa Zoro2 дні тому
  • Lashley vs lesnar

    Diego EspinozaDiego Espinoza2 дні тому
    • 1:28 best part of the whole video 😂😂

      alida flusalida flus2 дні тому
  • Bobby will be next wwe champion

    Bishal DebbarmaBishal Debbarma2 дні тому
  • if bobby the nigharo win over stroman ,,then i m the president of America :D

    Nitesh sNitesh s2 дні тому
  • Boby Lesli new chempianu👍

    Ak skAk sk2 дні тому
  • That's the real lashley

    rakesh saiyamrakesh saiyam2 дні тому
  • Can this video reach 10 millions viewers before 2023 . See you there guys

    THABO Golden PeaceTHABO Golden Peace2 дні тому
  • Boby Lashly lo mejor en la wwe merece ser campeón.

    DESLY. MENA.DESLY. MENA.2 дні тому
  • Yes Bob can you please prove me wrong beat the hell out of noisey Miz and win the lottery tittle because you deserve it even Claymore kicks can't bring you down .

    THABO Golden PeaceTHABO Golden Peace2 дні тому
  • Bobby is back to business 👍 looks strong & intelligent

  • Mis and morrison

    Bintang Ardian Nor FauziBintang Ardian Nor Fauzi2 дні тому
  • Come on Brun Strongestman Brutaly lashley dont def

    Bintang Ardian Nor FauziBintang Ardian Nor Fauzi2 дні тому
  • I am happy for Lashley , but the way they give him the chance so suddenly and the, way they buried Braun is just bad

    David KosibaDavid Kosiba2 дні тому
  • Bobby lashley : the ultimate powerhouse 🔥 . Miz's reaction after realizing that he's going to defend his newly won WWE title --> 😳🤯

    bilal kerkassbilal kerkass2 дні тому
  • Well scripted😀😀😀😀

    Mukesh BarihaMukesh Bariha2 дні тому
  • braun is a jobber now ! 😕

    DJ313DJ3132 дні тому
  • Bobby lashley is really good he is a beast

    Harsh JakhariHarsh Jakhari2 дні тому
  • 1:28 best part of the whole video 😂😂

    HikkiHikki2 дні тому
  • Bobby lashley soon to be wwe champion

    Brook FistumBrook Fistum2 дні тому
  • I think lashley spear is good more than roman

    Leunatic guy Dean AmbroseLeunatic guy Dean Ambrose2 дні тому
  • Would love to see him holding this title

  • The only deserving player for this title Bobby ...

  • How is bobby lashly natty wtf

    nathan masonnathan mason2 дні тому
  • Real Crowd: Cheers for hell and boos for face Virtual crowd: boo for heel and cheers for face

  • This Gimmick Is The Best For Strowman.

    Wrestling RevolutionWrestling Revolution2 дні тому
  • Braun changed totally

    Satwik BiswasSatwik Biswas2 дні тому
  • He is the real Bobby lashley. Look at his power man. If he dominated Braun. He can easily win the miz.

    Naveen KumarNaveen Kumar2 дні тому
  • Boby lashey

    Muhammad ShahidMuhammad Shahid2 дні тому